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Is it possible to get minor edits on the RecentChanges page without modifying Preferences?  (For a one-off look) -- Senji
Yes. A showedit parameter in the URL will override preferences, so showedit=0 will force minor edits to be invisible, and showedit=1 will force them to be visible. Unfortunately, if you specify a named parameter, you have to explicitly name *all* parameters, so the URL becomes something like [this]. - MoonShadow

How do you put a star next to a quote?
Type Image:46. Because it's image number 46 in the /ImageServer.
To clarify: you click the link saying "Edit this page" at the bottom of any page of quotes.  You scroll through the list of quotes looking for ones you want to put a star by (or make any other comment on).  You type Image:46 next to the ones you want to put a star by (you should see that this is how people have done it already to other ones).  For other formatting, look at the way other people have done it in the same way.  To the person who asked this: It'd be helpful if you could let us know when you've read this comment, so that we can move it to a page to do with Wiki formatting.

Noting that every single quotes page already explains how to insert stars next to comments, and that being able to edit a page to ask the question implies knowledge of how to edit pages, it would be nice to know what the source of the confusion was, and also thoughts on where a good place to put relevant information so the wiki doesn't fill up with multiple copies of the same question over and over again would be. - MoonShadow

I never saw an explanation of how to put a star next to a quote. I just kinda picked up how to edit by clicking on "Edit". I tried to copy and paste the star but it wouldn't let me.

So, how do I create a fresh page, without having to create the links to it here, then going there and editing, then coming back here and...  -- Vitenka?

If you can think of a situation when you want to make a page without also making a link from somewhere to it, you can just type the name you want after the wiki.pl? bit in the browser's address bar - so it reads https://www.toothycat.net/wiki/wiki.pl?FreshNewPage or whatever - and then click on "edit this page". Or you can type https://www.toothycat.net/wiki/wiki.pl?action=edit&id=FreshNewPage to go straight to the edit box if you are that way perverted. - MoonShadow

How do I link to a book?

Type the ISBN code for the book after "ISBN:", like so:  ISBN 0552137030 .  This creates a link to the book on Amazon automatically (and if you buy books linked this way from the page you get to by clicking on the link, Toothycat gets a small cut). --Jumlian, MoonShadow

Why didn't that [[*shrugs*]] link work? :-( -- Senji
* is most certainly not a legal character for a Wiki page name. Anything other than the [A-Z][a-z]+([A-Z][a-zA-Z]+)+ ([how to read that]) Wiki link format is already pushing it, IMO.. - MoonShadow

Why is it that Vitenka doesn't have revisions older than 23 any more?
- Revisions older than a certain time aren't currently kept. I may alter this if people start linking to past revisions lots. - MoonShadow
- (was 14 days, just changed it to 365. Old revisions are archived offline.) - MoonShadow

What is the favicon.ico ? :) -- Senji
Not that you were asking seriously, but.  Some InternetExplorers use favicon.ico (windows bitmap format, no compression) to display a little icon next to the URL in the location bar, and on the favorites page.  Some netscapes will display the same thing in place of the spinny world logo.  InternetExplorer automatically searches for the logo - Mozilla (apparently) honours the REL links.  I didn't think anything actually used REL for anything yet.  (Exception, opera 7 uses them to build a second navigation toolbar, which confuses people mightily.)  --Vitenka
If the question was 'what is it meant to be' it's the avatar Chibi as previously discussed.  --Vitenka

Which bit of the code turns [ToothyWiki:PageName something] into the relevant link?  I can't get it working on my wiki, and I can't find out which bit to fiddle with... --M-A

It's the built-in InterWiki feature - make a file called intermap in whatever location you set $DataDir? to, and make sure its permissions allow the script to read it. The format is lines of the form
Prefix URL

..so the ToothyWiki entry would read
ToothyWiki http://www.toothycat.net/wiki/wiki.pl?
: Everything after the colon simply gets tacked on to the end of the URL by the wiki. There's an example [http://www.usemod.com/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?InterMap here]. Now, in addition to this I hacked the interwiki code so it would drop the square brackets around local links that don't look like they're trying to do something dodgy; that's in StoreBracketInterPage, this bit:
  if (
      ($remotePage =~ /^[a-zA-Z0-9_#\/]+$/) && 
          ($site eq 'ToothyWiki') && 
            (($text =~ /^([a-zA-Z0-9_][a-zA-Z0-9_\/]*)$/)) && (-f &GetPageFile($1))
           ) &&
            ($remotePage =~ /^([a-zA-Z0-9_][a-zA-Z0-9_\/]*)/) && (-f &GetPageFile($1))
    return &StoreRaw("<a href=\"$url\">$text</a> ");

Oh, and you need to set $BracketText = 1; in the options to enable link renaming. HTH - MoonShadow
Ah-hah! Thanks - my main problem was the lack of the intermap file; oops.  And I wondered what that bit if code you quoted did, as it was non-standard... --M-A

How do I create a link on my page to an entirely new page?  Do you create the new page first and then make the link, or what?  --PHL4IVI3R1D3R

It's up to you. If you type the name of a NonExistentPage? on your page, it'll get displayed with a blue question mark on the end; clicking on the quesiton mark will let you create the page. - MoonShadow

IAMFI How big is your data directory -- Senji
Currently 212Mb. - MoonShadow

I was wondering whether it was possible to change usernames.

There's several things involved here.. (bear with me, this is gonna be long 'cos I want to be able to reuse the explanation next time someone wants to do something similar)

There's no rigidly enforced concept of user accounts on the wiki. Your user ID is a box to store your preferences in. Your username is just one of those preferences. It can be pretty much whatever you like, so long as it's a valid page name (i.e. letters, numbers, and certain punctuation only; the page doesn't have to actually exist). You could even call yourself MoonShadow if you really wanted to, though one suspects people might jump on you if you posted under someone else's nick :)

Like most other wiki things, it relies on people's common sense and good-naturedness to work, rather than rigid rules for preventing abuse. This is why you log in with your user number rather than your username BTW.


Does that lot make sense?


I can't find where the new (summer 2004) search algorithm is described.  Can I still search for phrases within pages, or are all the options done on a word-by-word basis? --M-A
Sorry, it got [buried] due to lack of response.. No, I'm not storing position information in the index (unless someone fancies donating a - reliable! - hard drive to the cause, since the index would then threaten to fill the server) so you can't search for phrases - "all of these words" or "any of these words" are the only methods it supports. However, if you untick "whole words", the wiki will revert to searching using the old method, which still takes the several minutes it used to but searches for what you type verbatim. - MoonShadow


Might the options be clearer as choices from a drop-down list, then, with entries: "Whole words (find all)", "Whole words (find any)", "Exact text search (slow!)", and "Page title search"? Not that this actually achieves anything except alleviating a little confusion. --AlexChurchill
Drop-down lists tend to be slightly evil.  --Vitenka
That'd certainly make things clearer, but part of my intent was to make it hard to activate the slow text search unless you really, really meant it. Hm. Perhaps a combination dropdown box and tickbox? Oh, why are drop-down lists evil? They've been in HTML for ages now.. - MoonShadow
Browsers have a tendency to select them when you didn't want them to.  Not sure why, they just seem to be an attractive 'default' field for the focus.  Also, of course, many web designers use them for JavaScript, but that's not strictly the fault of the drop-box.  So GuiltByAssociation?, really.  --Vitenka (How about an 'advanced search' link which takes you to a page full of options?)


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