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November 19th, 180 / $250

Old Nintendo games available for download for "Wii Points" equivalent to $5 (5?) for NES games, $8 (8?) for SNES games and $10 (10?) for N64 games. --[Engadget], via Kazuhiko

The console formerly known as Revolution.

And definitely not what you first thought of. You dirty person, you.

["Maybe there is no way to turn the Nintendo Wii off."]
Meh.  Most every SetTopBox? can wake up in the middle of the night to listen for a SoftWare? update - this doesn't really sound terribly different, though a much more interesting application.  The implied ability of other people to download from you (visit your AnimalCrossing? village) probably just means a chunk of data is (can be) stored (duplicated?) online.  It'll be at least one more generation, probably two, before network operators get so tightly into bed with console makers that you get consoles which entirely refuse to operate in an offline mode.  --Vitenka

I just love the line "This WiiConnect24? service delivers a new surprise or game update, even if users do not play with Wii". Dirty buggers... ^_^ --Tsunami
Ah.  If they pronounce is "We" that actually sort of makes sense.  Think of it having an "Our console" icon and you can see the metaphor.  It's still a dodgy name though.  --Vitenka
How else did you think they pronounced it? --Tsunami
Either 'Wheeee' or 'Why'.  (Or, I guess, 'Whee-eye')  --Vitenka
Or "Why-aye!" --CH
So Nintendo is actually from Jordieland. You heard it here first. --Garbled
Shirley you mean Geordieland --Edith

"Nintendo is the WeirdUncle of gaming. He comes up with all these crazy ideas, and says 'hey - you can do things like this, too!'; and occasionally gets a little Western company or two excited; but then Microsoft and Sony turn around and say, 'now, kids - you know you're not supposed to talk to the WeirdUncle!'. And that's that." - HSB

Who came up with that name?? Surely they could rebrand it at least for the Western market. What's wrong with 'Revolution' anyway? Oh well, it's funny - SunKitten
IT'll get called 'revolution' or 'dolphin' anyway, I suspect.  --Vitenka
Perhaps they are finaly admitting that it is piss-poor by comparison with the other consoles? --Tsunami
Oi - don't knock the MarioKart machine! - SunKitten
MarioKart is a product of the WeirdUncle. We don't talk to the WeirdUncle. ;) - MoonShadow
You should probably look at the specs/relative price points again Tsunami...  The XBox360 is 400 or 500 hundred (dollars/pounds), the PS3 is slated at 600 or 700 hundred (dollars/pounds) and, last I heard, the Revolution was intended to come in just below 300 (dollars/pounds).  The WiiRevolution? certainly won't compete in terms of pure specs (I don't believe they ever intended it to) but, as with all console wars, you buy the console that has the games you want and the Revolution is going to have the ability to play every game released for a Nintendo platform (probably excluding the handhelds).  That said, "Wii" is a really, really, stupid name :( --K
But that means it will be competing with the current generation machines, the Xbox (ok, no problem there, it is crap) and the PS2. And lets be honest, both of these will not cost anything like as much as 300 by the time the WiiWii? becomes available (possibly in 2007 or maybe 2008...). --Tsunami
What?  I think you're underestimating the GameCube.  If I remember correctly, it is actually between the PS2 and the Xbox in terms of capabilities (XBox highest, PS2 lowest due to age).  The Wii will be way above both of those machines.  There's a big difference between not being the fastest of the new generation machine and somehow slipping back to an older generation of machines.  As to the launch date, I believe they are supposed to announce it at E3 in a week or two but everything I've heard so far indicates Christmas this year, certainly not 2008. --K
And I was really happy with the idea right up until you pointed out the lack of handheld support.  Addons, I expect.  We know the xbox has blown its attempt at backwards compatibililty (and that the userbase doesn't seem to care at this point, since it's still only selling to excessively rich people who already have an xbox) - and Sony seem to be going for the same performance niche.  Having said that... if it's no better than the current consoles (and I guess it'll support normal controllers as well as the mad thing they debuted, to do so?) then why bother with it?  --Vitenka
Seriously?! Crap! I threw out all my SNES and NES games after the consoles broke :( --Edith
While performance won't be up to Xbox360 or PS3, I don't think that is an indication that the performance will be bad.  I'm guessing the performance will be significantly better than the GameCube, just not up to the other 2.  Edith, the Wii won't have ports for the older games so having the actually game wouldn't help you much.  Apparently, there will be an internet service built in that allows you to buy the older games, presumably for download.  I don't know the details so I don't know if this means there is actually a local harddrive or if that means downloading the game from a central service whenever you want to play it. --K
"Think GameCube but twice the clock speed" is what the rumors say. None of yer fancy pixel shaders or multiple CPUs here. On the other hand.. who cares how fast a console goes or how pretty the graphics are if all you can buy for it is first-person shoot-'em-ups? - MoonShadow
And who cares how cheap it is, when all it plays is RenAi and DDR? :)  --Vitenka (Who still rather likes fps games)
I thought we were talking about Nintendo, not the PlayStation.. ^^;; - SunKitten

We're doing some work involving Nintendo atm, and my colleague insists on pronouncing it "double you eye eye"... --Rachael

I think it should be pronounced 'that little nintendo thing' (think about it).
The first game released for it is "My first wii" - they're going deliberately after the young and giggly audience, it seems.  Revolution it stays.  --Vitenka
Sounds to me like they are aiming it more at the "just been born" audience to me... ^_^ --Tsunami

And now they say you will have to [pay] to browse the internet on your Wii! My, that does sound like a good deal, doesn't it?--Tsunami
They're just charging for the browser, aren't they? - MoonShadow
In a scummy fashion, it seems - it might just be garbled translation, but they seem to be saying that it's free until a certain date.  --Vitenka (And 'just charging for the browser' is a bit meaningless when you can't just use a different one.)
As long as they aren't charging a monthly fee, I'm not sure what the problem is here.  Opera has always been a paid browser until they started releasing free versions for the PC fairly recently and they still charge for all their non-PC Opera browsers.  Maybe I just started reading about web access through the Wii recently but I didn't think it was a secret they were going to charge for the browser, was it? --K

We knew it was coming, and [it didn't take long].

Well browsing the web and even editing the wiki is perfectly doable (as demonstrated here). I think the biggest issue is only being able to have a single 'window' open which makes it impossible to cross-reference or multi-task.  In terms of the wiki, editing is limited (Sparklies would have been truncated if I had saved my edit) and editing anywhere other than the end of the page is impractical... You can only see about 40 characters at a time. --K

I've just got one (or will have in about 2 months, when it's been given to me...), with Sports, Sports Resort and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. We intend to by Fit Plus. Since birthday and Christmas are coming up, I might ask for a game or two. What's good? --CH
What sort of thing do you like? My own tastes are weird - so far, I've found Little King's Story, Pangya Golf and Fragile Dreams to be time sinks of various kinds, as well as all the old games available for download through the virtual console - for which having a classic controller is useful. Mario Kart is an excellent thing to have for when friends are over, as on all the Nintendo consoles. Lego Star Wars is also a jolly good bit of fun when people are over and in a silly mood. --MoonShadow
Well, I don't know, what with the Wii being so... different. And the first console of any kind I've owned as well. On the PC, I enjoy Civ-style games, CRPG games (both of the NeverwinterNights and Morrowind style) and similar stuff. Thief and TotalWar? etc., but I suspect not many of those translate well. I may well enjoy a Zelda-esque. I'd prefer not to have to buy a different controller. Mario Kart is obviously a high option (and I fully intend to grab Frontier's game when we get the console online and I can remember the name...). --CH
Little King's Story looks interesting (I also like the Settlers / Pharaoh genre of PC games). Pangya... less so. Fragile Dreams could be good, although I see that the reviews are not entirely positive on the gameplay element. --CH
Mario Kart Wii comes highly recommended for party purposes, as do any of Ubisoft's Rayman Raving Rabbids series if you feel like being silly - TV Party if you're getting a balance board (Wii Fit Plus comes highly recommended). Okami and LoZ?: Twilight Princess were the original contenders for best Wii RPG (I've not been keeping up with new releases during thesis). Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn is not a motion game, but it is probably the best Strategy RPG you can get for the Wii (in this country, anyway, Phantom Brave not having received a PAL release). Metroid Prime Trilogy (if you can find it) or just Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is a) pretty and b) fun if you like Metroid gameplay and shooting the weak spot for massive damage. --SF
Yes, Mario Kart is probably going to be first. Rayman Raving Rabbids is, potentially, too silly from what I can find of it. Okami and Twilight Princess could be right up my street, although I'm not sure how to call between them. I'm not 100% clear what the Strategy RPG genre is, but I think it's not quite what I'm looking for. Metroid I'm pretty sure I've heard good things about - where does it lie on the Quake-Thief-Morrowind triangle of 1st-person-perspective games? While I'm thinking of "things I like", does anything like Diablo translate? I'm guessing not as well as the forthcoming PC Diablo III...
I'm not sure how you'd write a motion game to be like Diablo, click-to-kill gameplay doesn't seem to translate very well. The Wii does have a few sword-em-ups and/or lightsaber-em-ups, The Force Unleashed gets probably the best reviews but I've not played it myself. Metroid Prime series; well, heavy on combat and exploration, some puzzle solving, but light on plot (Corruption has slightly more); it's not even really in the triangle you've described. Somewhere between Quake and System Shock maybe. There's a Let's Play of the first game in the series (which was for the GameCube) [here], in which slowbeef gets lost a lot. FPSes are more fun than you'd think on the Wii - at least if you liked lightgun games. --SF
Yes, I suppose FPSes would work better when you have something approximating a gun as controller. Not being familiar with System Shock, what would you say is the distinguishing difference between the Metroid Prime series and Quakes I and II (since those had an - albeit secondary - Single Player with plot mode). --CH
Problem solving, 16-bit style boss fights, and exploration. The Metroid Prime series is open-ended not mission-based, so while you're given objectives to go and get or do things much of the game is exploring new areas and figuring out what to do in them. Also, you can't turn into a ball in Quake. [This video] (probably NWS, due to commentary being sweary) at about 9 minutes is a good example of what sets the Prime series apart from your standard FPS (it's an early scene in Corruption). --SF

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