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I have a distubing urge to marathon TengenToppaGurrenLagann... - ElliottBelser

Arguably, not commercially available in the UK.

With the variety of recent releases on our fair isle, is this still true? Do Hellsing, ReadOrDie and ExcelSaga merit the accolade of "DecentAnime", or do they all fall foul (one way or another) of the second point below? (Or even the third?)

What can I say, the exception proves the rules?  ReadOrDie certainly has plot and no pointless violence - juust pointful.  Hellsing I'll grant you is pointless violence but good nonetheless and ExcelSaga is in a class of its own.  TheExceptionProvesTheRule??  --Vitenka
I think it's more than that now.  It certainly used to be true until very recently but now (Hellsing, KareKano, Utena, GTO to grab a few names off my DVD shelf) I think its becoming far less the case.  Not saying they don't also release trash or occasionally mangle a release (see CardCaptors? or the horror that is the YamiNoMatsuei/Dub) but the good stuff is now also available. --Kazuhiko
Technically KareKano, Utena and GTO aren't commercially available in the UK, though (AFAIK); they all have to be imported from the US, followed by region-avoidance magic (well, except Utena), which puts them out of the range of most people. I think the original comment was talking about things you could pick up off a shelf in HMV?....
So "commercially available in the UK" doesn't include the stores at LAC, the online ordering (from UK companies) or the odd shop in London that stocks such things?  As to region-dodging I think "out of the range of most people" is a bit over the top.  Maybe it's just the people I know, but having a region-free DVD player seems to be almost a norm (of those who have a DVD player at all of course, but even that number is large).  Even if your definition is things you can buy off the shelf in HMV I think we are definitely heading it the right direction... --Kazuhiko

RegionFree? is becoming a lot harder to find now, and a lot harder to make sure of.  Still easy enough, but does anyone bother?  Anyhow - I've found more, and better, anime in HMV recently than I have in the local specialist shop (which had gundam wing and that was it.)  ForbiddenPlanet has a much better selection, but it's still mostly either the very old stuff or the highly popularise stuff.  The sheer amount of anime out there scares me, in comparison.  --Vitenka

Do things like Noir and NGE not count as DecentAnime?  I think the opening statement applies more to the stuff they actually show on TV sometimes.  --FlameRider *shudders*
They certainly do.  I maintain that the original statement is now out of date.  Though it has to be said that not all DecentAnime is available here.  --Vitenka

And translated by someone who actually has some talent at writing English dialogue, not just a fanboy who reckons that being able to speak Japanese is all it takes to produce a script.
And/Or the BBC comedy team - who apparently are completely unable to speak Japanese but write funny scripts anyway.  --Vitenka
...which, sadly, appears all too often in the productions of a certain UK-based dub-distributing company.

Are there any well-translated Japanese animated series or films out there? The best I've seen have been bland, the worst painful. Though admittedly I haven't yet watched the Gaiman-scripted one.


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