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(Feb. 5)

Gosh, aren't you looking old these days - growing up fast!  Another year of ToothyCatness, yeay! --M-A
Happy Birthday - here, have some vitual benito flakes as a birthday treat. --Hoshi-Chan (if it starts behaving oddly...)
Slightly tardy, but happy birthday you collection-of-freely-editable-pages, you. --CH
Three cheers for another year ToothyCat - long may it continue! --M-A
I bring you these gifts of Jif lemon, eggs, milk, flour and fat, for this special edition ToothyBirthday? --Garbled
How old are you now, anyway? --CH
Happy Birthday --SF


(Feb. 5)

MoonShadow wishes M-A a happy birthday as he breaks out a new round of cake..
...and also for 2006! Happy birthday, and many happy returns!
Thanks! --M-A
...aaaaand a belated one for 2007! ^^;;; -MoonShadow
Happy Birthday from me too, albeit a touch late. --CH
- and for 2008! - MoonShadow
- and for 2009! - MoonShadow
StuartFraser notices he hasn't said Happy Birthday to M-A yet. Happy Birthday!
Have a good one, M-A! --AlexChurchill
And I shall repeat my ToothyChatted wishes here as well. --CH
Happy birthday M-A! ^^ - SunKitten
Thanks, all! :) --M-A
Aaaaaaaaand 2011 is here! HappyBirthday?! -MoonShadow
It's 2012! HappyBirthday?! --MoonShadow


(Feb. 6)
Happy Birthday!! not sure if I'm late or early judging buy the swinging party going on below - you guys been partying for a while! -Hoshi-Chan
At a guess, for at least three years now (MoonShadow?  Do you keep original page creation dates?  I think you were the first on this page).  MoonShadow's Birthday is obviously a good party :)  Renewed Happy Birthday to you :) --K
Re-renewed birthday wishes and more virtual cake (I'm pretty sure even virtual cake gets stale after 3 or 4 years) --K
if the party's still going on then you can't be late :) Happy Birthday MoonShadow. --Steve
And another HB! Repeated for 2008 - is that coffee still hot? --CH
once agin, that time of the year comes round, happy birthday Moonshadow! --Tsunami (looks forward to pancakes =^_^=)
Happy Birthday MoonShadow! :)
Many happy returns of the day!  And for 2007!  Ooh, and 2008. Let's add 2009 to the list. :) --M-A
MHR for today! --Tsunami

/Kazuhiko puts up party decorations and serves up virtual BirthdayCake?...

/SunKitten eats BirthdayCake? and passes round the OrangeBowl. Anyone for a virtual LiqueurCoffee?

AlexChurchill empties six packets of JellyBabies into the OrangeBowl.  "Me for a Bailey's LiqueurCoffee, onegaishimasu!"  He idly challenges MoonShadow to a virtual game of Go :)

Oneiros pops in with a bottle of virtual CranberryVodka? and a bag of MiniMilkyWays? for the OrangeBowl. "Another one for coffee, if there's any still going. Happy Birthday MoonShadow!"

SunKitten hands out the LiqueurCoffee, lights the candles on the cake and starts singing:

 Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Biiirthday dear MoonShadow
Happy Birthday tooo yooou

PeterTaylor doesn't know the Russian for "Happy Birthday", so hopes English will do.

Mmmm... coffee and birthday cake. MoonShadow thanks everyone ^-^

DouglasReay wishes MoonShadow a Hero-ic birthday.

Merry aniversary of life.  --Vitenka
And another happy birthday for 2012 --Admiral

Happy birthday once again for 2015, my friend --AlexChurchill


(Feb. 14)

H4ppy B1rthd4y, although I'm sure that could get more 1337. --SF
Well, you could try |-|4PP`/ |31|27|-||)4`/ if you really wanted... --CH
Happy birthday. --PT, who's not even trying to be 1337
Happy Birthday. --Requiem
What they just said, but in true EngLeet? --Edith
Thanks to all.  And I don't even try to be l33t anymore.  Unless you happen to see my email address.


(March 18th)


(March 19th 1980)


April 6 is the anniversary of Nokky's body transplant which led him to change names and gender to Nokkette. Seems like a good reason for people to raise a glass and have some electronic cake.


(May 22nd)

(PeterTaylor) Happy birthday, Stuart.
Seconded. --CH
(N+1)thed. --Requiem, MoonShadow, SunKitten, Edith, Jumlian, NickTaylor (late)
square root of pi'ed - macloud


(22nd may)
Ooh, happy birthday to you :) - SunKitten


(23rd May)

Happy Birthday, Peter. --SF, who knew it was somebody's birthday today but couldn't remember whose...
And this year I even remembered whose it was. Happy Birthday again Peter. --SF
Ah, happy birthday. I should have picked up it was soon from discussions yesterday... I assume your present will be late - but let us know if you get anything good when it arrives. --CH
PeterTaylor wonders what on Earth CH is talking about. (Well, not entirely - I suspect he's getting somewhat confused about the half-box of 5th Dawn I mentioned that I'm getting, because that would explain the presumption of lateness and "if you get anything good" - but I'm not sure what gave him the idea that said half-box is a gift.)
Ah, sorry, I possibly misheard, and certainly mis-thought. I seem to recall you saying you were going to get a box between you and your brother - and since you're twins and thus have the same birthday, I put 2 and 2 together. I evidently got at least 5. Gomen. --CH
(PeterTaylor) No worries. There's certainly been some confusion - I'm buying the box with Alan. My twin is a sister.
Well, let me say "oop" then. ^.^;
Happy birthday, Peter. --Requiem
Happy Birthday :) - SunKitten (made it with an hour to go :)


(May 24th)
W00t! First post! Happy birthday.. ;) - MoonShadow
Seconded --PT
Ooh, birthday celebrations and paper-in-Guardian celebrations all at once ^^ - SunKitten
Thirded --SF
Fourthed.  It's still the 24th, just... --NT


(May 27th)
Happy (slightly belated) birthday to you too SunKitten! (am I the only one that announces my birthday IRL and organises a party?) --RobHu
I was at Expo :) - SunKitten

Happy Birthday SunKitten!  :-) Busy week for birthdays, this one --Jumlian
Happy birthday!! *hands round chocolate ice creams* (Rats, I meant to be the first and I forgot.) --Rachael
Thank you!  - SunKitten
(PeterTaylor) Happy birthday.
And from me too! --ChrisHowlett
Happy Birthday --SF
HippoBirdie?! --NT
HappyBirthday?, SunKitten! --Requiem
Happy birthday for yesterday! --Tsunami

Another year has gone by... happy birthday! --M-A & Nat


(May 28th)

Happy birthday! --RobHu
Happy birthday, Alex ^^ Nice weather for it ;) - SunKitten

More remarks indicating wishes for a pleasurable anniversarial event! --CH
Happy birthday!! *big smooch* --Rachael
Happy Birthday! --StuartFraser
Aaand happy birthday again. Sorry I missed the party. Cursed deadlines. --SF
(PeterTaylor) ’a?“‚‚‚‚‚?
apostrophe, square, space, carriage-return, back-quote, u-acute, umlaut, beta, A-ring, , currency?
NoNoNoNo. If you tell the page to use Encoding of Japanese - Auto-select (or Shift-JIS), and have a kanji font installed, you can see it is in fact "tanjoubi omedetou".  (And you missed the commas, which appear to crop up where the symbol is a kana :P :) )  Quite impressively on the kanji front, although naughty Peter didn't escape them as Unicode entities. ;)  ...I only knew two of the three kanji, actually, but I could guess the third from context... *grin* Thank you one and all, anyway. You're all great. --AlexChurchill
Happy Birthday --Jumlian
Happy birthday Alex! --Tsunami

Once again, happy birthday! --M-A & Nat


(It's her 21st :)

Happy Birthday! I hope the stuff we sent got to you :)  - SunKitten


(September 22nd)

Happy Birthday! - SunKitten
Well, it's time to celebrate your birthday, it happens every year
We'll eat a lot of broccoli and drink a lot of beer ...
Nyo-nyo-nyo Nyo! Broccoli-nyo!
Aiiieeee ! The cuteness ! The unbearable cuteness ! (Hmm. My mind is now trying to imagine DiGiCthulhu? and is getting warped.) --Jay
... the combination of WeirdAl? and DiGiCharat? is, indeed, a ScaryCute? thing.  --Vitenk?


(October 12th)

Happy birthday Rachael! Do you have the day off work? :) - SunKitten
Thanks :) No, sadly not. --Rachael

Ah, France is explained. Happy birthday! --ChrisHowlett
Joyeux anniversaire. --PT

Happy birthday Rachael - I would be late but I haven't gone to sleep yet, so it's still Thursday. Really ;) - SunKitten
Happy birthday for yesterday!  I thought it was next week, oops.  Hope you had a nice day. --M-A
Whoops, forgot to submit the edit to this page that I made yesterday. Happy birthday, my love :) --AC
Ooh, somebody I haven't said HappyBirthday? to on this page yet. Happy birthday, Rachel! --SF
Many happy returns! --Tsunami
Indeed, HappyBirthday? Rachael :) --MJ
Maaamaaabaabaa *raspberry* --HannahJeggo?? (But I think she means Happy Birthday)
Awwww, cute! Thanks, all. --Rachael

Aaaaand another happy birthday! --MoonShadow


(October 18th)

A season wasted
bittersweet memories haunt
the passing of days

Cheer up, Pallando
we don't know how old you are
so it's not all bad.
At least two years older than me IIRC. Of course, I'm not giving my age away either, so that's not a lot of help :) --Jay

Happy birthday. --Rachael
Yup, happy birthday!  --FR
Happy birthday :) - SunKitten
nth --PT
How many syllables is a smiley, anyway?  --Vitenka
18 if pronounced incorrectly. --Edith
Happy Birthday --Edith

Seasons pass, but while
Douglas still comes to GE
Gaming season stays
Happy birthday :) --AlexChurchill

Happy birthday! --Requiem

Thank you all!  That's made me much more cheerful.  I will come to GamesEvening bearing History of the World and quantities of chocolate. --Pallando


(October 19th)

Once more, happy birthday! May your tunnels never collapse. --CH, confusing RolePlaying and RealLife again
Happy Birthday :) - SunKitten
Thirded ^_^ - MoonShadow
Thanks all. It's been an interesting year, I wonder what the next one will bring --Edith


(October 29th)

Happy Birthday :) - SunKitten
Happy Birthday :D - Edith
Thirded --PT
Fourthed (an hour too late). Happy birthday. --AlexChurchill


(November 14th)

Happy Birthday! I come bearing RolePlaying and Magic in lieu of food, since you are an artifact creature by your own admission. --ChrisHowlett
Happy Birthday --SF
Ditto.  --FR
(n+1)thed ;) --MoonShadow & SunKitten
Enjoy your birthday. May it bring more than mere age to you sir. --Edith.
Congratulations on attaining your full legal majority. --PT

Yay! RolePlaying and Magic! Thanks people. --Requiem


(Nov. 17)

(PeterTaylor) Happy birthday.
Happy Birthday, Chris. --SF
Thirded. --Requiem
Many happy returns of the whatsit.  --FR
Any dappy mittens of the ray. --AC
Oh those poor kittens...  --Vitenka
Happy birthday :) - SunKitten


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