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The DCI uses the [ELO rating system] (similar to the rating system used in Chess) to grade everybody who plays in sanctioned MagicTheGathering events.

[link], because it's easier than keeping this page updated manually.
(Note: it doesn't include people who've dropped-off the DCI list by not playing for over a year).
Also, includes graphs because I don't know why they ever removed that feature from the official page. --qqzm
Genius. I'm interested - how are you getting the data? --CH
By having a scraping programme scheduled to run each Wednesday morning after they update the main page. --qqzm
I'm not on it anymore. How odd. --CH
It looks like it's something to do with the fact that there are now 2 Alan Lawrences. I'll have a proper look into it on Monday. --qqzm
Ok, fixed. You're now back on the list :) --qqzm
Thanks. Given the rating, this is not necessarily a good thing... --CH

Now includes Total rating. --qqzm
What is "total rating"? Is it a parallel system where they lump constructed and limited matches together? If so, it seems that the people I've beaten at limited were better at constructed than limited because my total rating is a fair bit higher than my limited rating. --PT
That's exactly what it is. They're currently using it as an alternative to Composite. Whether they'll ever use it as a replacement for Composite I'm not sure. --qqzm

Some ToothyWikizens' ratings are collected together from other pages here:

 Name:                  Constructed:    Limited:        Composite:      Check for updates:
qqzm                  1854            1762            1808            [1]
AlexChurchill          1655            1693            1674            [2]
GreenOpal              -              1680            1640            [3]
PeterTaylor            -              1670            1635            [4]
GreenOpal              -              1643            1621            [5]
StuartFraser          -              1617            1608            [6]
Vitenka                -              1605            1602            [7]
RobertHiersemenzel    -              1603            1601            [8]
Edwin                  -              1601            1600            [9]
Requiem                -              1595            1597            [10]
AlanLawrence          -              1589            1594            [11]
ChrisHowlett          -              1588            1594            [12]
StuartFraser          1577            1580            1578            [13]

Duplicates occur because some people have more than one DCI number.
ToothyWikizen team ratings:
 Name:                      Members:                      Composite:
Green Fire Fish            GO, CH, AC*                  1616
________                  CH, SF, Edwin                1604
Stinbceyrlq                Edwin, Mark, [Kyo]            1604

 Dark Green Fish            AC, GO, [Dominic Jones]       1600
Debbie Does Darksteel      Qqzm, Piemaster, JacsUK?      1596
Don't say Sha'am          PT, Senji+, CH                1596
The Cheese Stands Alone    Qqzm, AL, Angoel              1596
The Committee              PT, SF, Requiem              1592
The Potatoes of Doom!      AC, GO, RobertHiersemenzel    1588

 * But not according to the DCI.
+ From memory. Alas, there don't appear to be any DCI members in England with Senji's surname.
Was indeed me.  I know I put my DCI information somewhere safe, so... -- Senji
DCI Number 99846725, but I don't think I've played 10 matches, so... -- Senji

I've assumed that since this is all publicly available information anyway people won't object to my reproducing it here. --PT

There are some definite oddities in the database of DCI members in England:
I strangely now seem to have a [page] but don't appear in the search output... -- Senji
You only appear in the list if you have played more than 10 individual sanctioned matches, perhaps this might account for Senji and Angoel?

(PeterTaylor) What have they done to the way they do ratings? My old rating of 1683 is still there, as "For invitations and/or byes (as of 2006-04-17)", but lists fewer matches and events than my new rating of 1675. ?!


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