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Cambridge SciencePark is in the RealWorld.

It's a long way from the Centre of Cambridge.  Think further away than GirtonCollege.  Yes.  Really.
Although... 15 mins' cycle ride from NewHall / FitzwilliamCollege.  It's not that far.. is it... is it?  It's 2 miles.  OK, I guess it really is that far... :(  --AlexChurchill
Might as well be in a different universe as far as most Cambridge students are concerned ^_^
Although that's true of just about *anything* outside of the ring road... --M-A
(PeterTaylor) Isn't Queens' (sp?) Road part of the ring road?
That's the *inner* ring road.  I'm not quite sure where the *outer* one runs over there. -- Senji

The SciencePark is (mainly?  entirely?) owned by TrinityCollege, and hence is different from the BusinessPark? (who owns this?), CowleyPark, TrinityHallFarmIndustrialEstate? and the StJohnsInnovationCentre, all of which are in the same area.

It's the largest science park in Europe, and the 5th largest in the world.

Webxs says: do visit the website of Sciencepark Amsterdam.

"Sciencepark Amsterdam: a world of science in a city of inspiration"


It's an interesting place for scientific research, education and enterprise.

Sciencepark Amsterdam is already establishing a reputation as the home of a number of important knowledge-based institutions and has the ambition to grow big international. Sciencepark Amsterdam is aiming high. The University of Amsterdam, the City of Amsterdam and the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research intend to further develop the Sciencepark into a prominent international centre of knowledge in the next ten years.

See the løveli lakes.
And the majestic møøse
A møøse ønce bit my sister
Did it survive? ^_^

Alternatively, a SciencePark is a place to leave your science when you have reached your destination (usually boredom) and you want to turn the engine off. --Jumlian


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