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Quotes marked by a $ imply some campaign or setting knowledge is needed.
What about a $ sign?
Erm, yes. I realised that a # actually has some effect in wiki syntax and changed it.

These have been collected from random CURS events; including One-Offs which I attended. This may not be a very long list, if my Lent term goes as badly as Michealmas did wrt free time.

EchoesofOblivion Interlude; Session 3

PC names are not being used; because I can't remember what they all were.

Image: 46 GM (Edith): "You're here to track down leads."
-Tony: "We've lost a city in Northern England?"

Tony: "What's the thermal conductivity of your average demon?"

Nick: "Why are you introducing characters to your knife?"
-Ewan: "Because they haven't met yet."

[On encountering 3 NPCs and a PC drugged soundly and notably unconscious]
Tristan: "Do I have a counteragent for the drug?"
-Tony: "I was just going to throw them in the river."

GM: "And a big stone table made out of rock."

[One of our supposedly mook (Sic) "translators" is apparently helping the evil anathema NPCs to kidnap the royal family the PCs are protecting...]
Tristan: "I shoot the highly suspicious aide."
-Tom: "In the caste mark?"
-Ewan: "Oh, is that what they're calling it nowadays?"

Tristan: "It's not original and it's not clever but it does involve sharp pointy things, so I'm going to do it."

[High Medicine High Investigation character examines a corpse that apparently died of poisoning]
GM: "There's a knife wound under his shoulder; quite well hidden. It's going green around the edges."
-Tristan: "So someone stuck a poisoned dagger in him?"
-GM[pause]: "Maaayyyybe."

Ewan: "I was on the other side of the battlefield."
-Nick: "You don't have an alibi"


Session 2

"Back off slowly and try not to look like food."

GM: "You scout around."
- Nick: "Waiting for next."

GM: "Help! I'm surrounded by chemical roleplayers!"

"Some of them have been waking up dead. Some of them haven't been waking up"

$ "DBT is not a truth spell"

Nick: "They all smell human, then?"
- GM: "What do you mean?"
- Nick: "None of them smell not-human."

Nick: "You're all free to go. Please try not to brutally murder anyone and then make it look even more brutal than it already was, or we will eat your souls. Thankyou and good night."

Session 3

GM:"He heals one health round a level"

"The Air Immaculate throws a chakram at a deer. The Lunar throws a deer at the Air Immaculate...."

[at an Earth Immaculate who had failed to get out of the way of aforementioned thrown deer]Famine: "I insult his dress sense, parentage, and ability to dodge"

$ Rose: "I lead them on a wild Mongoose chase"

I feel the below needs to be added to illustrate that NickTaylor is being silly, despite lack of humour:
NickTaylor: "That's no reason to pander to them."
-"I turn into a panda"
-StuartFraser: "That's no reason to panda at them."

$ Words: "I don't try to eat Lunars. I check."
-Famine: "I checked. It DBT'd, it was obviously a Lunar."

Storm: "No Famine-baiting...
-NickTaylor: "...when we haven't got a camera"

Image: 46 StuartFraser: "Yes, I do have a quotes collection in-character"

Requiem: "New charm. Finding the Spirit's... Wood."
-NickTaylor: "Is that like Feeling the Dragon's Wossnames?"

GM: "Yeah yeah noun noun verb verb noun..."

GM [at 23:18]: "Help! It's bright and sunny out here."

Saz "Culture Shock, I think it's called."
TheInquisitor "Massive Blood Loss I think is the phrase on coroner's reports."

Image: 46 Senji: [Paranoia]"It's one of the few systems where bickering is actually an excuse for one player to kill another player."
-TheInquisitor: "Character."

Session 4 (No Requiem, added Emperor)

Image: 46 NickTaylor: "Is a hobbit a natural creature and can I turn into one? I wish to eat, drink and be Merry"

TheInquisitor [misheard by Saz]: "I track them as a slow leopard."

TheInquisitor: "I sit down, pull out some strange-looking mushrooms, and start medicating."

Subtle: "I have a plan."
-Mysterious Unnamed Star-Blessed Cavalry Lieutenant (Emperor): "Let me guess. You sit around and get drunk whilst everyone else fights and dies..."
-Subtle: "I have two plans."

Emperor: "We're an army, not a fireworks display."

Emperor: "White panties on a zombie look really silly."
-Senji: "Black panties. She's a Goth."

**Emperor quote censored due to taste threshold**

MUS-BCL[to Abyssal fighting Subtle]: "You're dead, and you know you are."

"If you're dying and you know it clap your hands"

Senji [describing NPC]: "One very emaciated fat goth"

Senji: "There's a dead goth with pinwagons in it. Pincushions. Arrows."

It's possibly worth mentioning that a full-fledged crisp packet fight started halfway through the session, too...

Session 5

Tale: "Who are you and why are you tied up in our camp?"
-Lise (Night Caste Solar): "Isn't that my line?"
-Tale: "No, because I'm not tied up."

Lise: "The last thing I remember is being tied up in my bed in Nexus...erm...[GM tails off slightly as realisation dawns]"

Tale: "How did you get here?"
-Lise: "I told you, I was just lying on my bed in Nexus"
-Tale: "Well, you could have been lying on your bed in Nexus reading a teleportation spell"

NickTaylor [declaring an action for a round; that is, three seconds]: "I'm going to be running at about a hundred and twenty miles after her."

Famine: "Irony? Isn't that what you use to fight the fae?"
-Tale: "No, that's sarcasm"

Famine: "Are you accusing me of being some kind of sycophant, sir?"
-Storm: "Only after you've killed them." (This made sense in context, it really did, honest... --SF)

Subtle: "I'm going to do the only sensible thing. I turn into a Tyrant Lizard."

Stuart, describing Words' actions: "You're going backwards up the food chain."

Edith: "I'm going back to DBT form (hulking nine-foot tall half man half-Polar bear hybrid) and hopping daintily away"

[Not In My Back Yard]
The PCs were the players, who'd been enNobled after Oblivion and the surrounding area was enchanceled. So "out-of-character" didn't really happen...nor did my quote recording, because someone stole my notepad.

Inquisitor: "We have to plan ahead by more than two hours."
-NickTaylor: "Aaargh, we're all going to die."

NickTaylor: "You have to poke dead girls with a stick, else they get confused."

Rob: "I'm not sure our insurance covers enchancelment"

NickTaylor: "You don't click on icons, you venerate them."

Random Fading Suns stuff
Quotes unattributed because I can't remember who said them...

"I've heard of the Symbiots? [pauses] Yeah, they destroyed the planet my race came from, so I guess I've heard of them"

"What do you have in that bag?"
-"My life's possessions. Except for a bit of a planet."

Signs your GM is wary of munchkinisation:
"You are not a spacecraft"

"You're doing a very good job of pissing off the Hawkwood. [member of important noble family]"
-"I live to serve"

"Go on! Use your full Inquisitorial authority to reduce your room rent."

"You're not a large hairy smelly monkey. You're a small hairy smelly monkey."

Diablo II stuff

Requiem, NickTaylor, ChessyPig and StuartFraser are playing through a Diablo II multi-player campaign. NT started this...
Ah, such a good game. I haven't played multiplayer in aaaages. Regrettably my copy of the base game is, erm, less than legal (although my expansion is fine), so I can't get on to BattleNet?. --CH
Given the Cantabrigian nature of the party, we're not using BattleNet? as it would just slow things down. Yes, the multiplayer is fun. The party kills things and takes their stuff, and greatly enjoys this. The party is currently slightly ODing on ranged attacks with a Bowazon, four Rogue mercenaries and a Sorceress.
Hmm, that's sensible. Do you have need of another member (and do you play at sensible times?) I can't promise a decent ping (edit: I can reach SF's machine in a round-trip of 16ms), but I'd love to play again. Since my most recent chars have been Sorc and Bowazon, playing something else would be cool. I have played (and will happily play again) anything but Necromancer. Incidentally, I have found that a Spearazon using the chain-lightning skill is a) extremely powerful and b) detrimental to refresh/ping rate in multiplayer. --CH
Current playing times are "whenever we're organised". The current players are ~Level 14 as I recall, and none of us are really experienced in our individual classes (Requiem has completed the game with a Paladin and is playing an Assassin, I've done so with a Bowazon (to be really pfinicky, a Frostmaiden, but anyway) and am playing the Sorceress, ChessyPig has come darned close to doing so with Sorceress and Druid and is playing a Paladin, and I'm unsure as to what NickTaylor's best class is but it isn't Bowazon). I don't know if adding additional people is sensible or not; if other people don't object I won't though. This, by the way, is where not having a LiveJournal gets you as the entire thing was organised in Image: 78 [ilanin].
I'll have a look in my collection of characters at some point soon and see what I have around level 14, if anything. If by "completed the game" you mean all three difficulty levels, I've never done so; but I have a Hell Sorc (tri-elementalist - I can't remember what act. Probably 1, given the heinous resists Hell monsters have) and my Paladin, Barbarian and Spearazon are all near the end of Nightmare if not actually Champions yet. --CH
Right. Regrettably my stock of charcters at about level 14 are a Necro (who I don't want to play - and is called Requiem, so things would get confusing), and a level 18 Bowazon (to be really pfinicky, a Frostmaiden...). Next above that are an Assassin and a wolf/summoner Druid at about level 30. Your call. --CH
If you need more players at any point, I used to do quite a lot of Diablo II --Pallando

Summer Rain (NT): "Why have I been carrying a cracked Voluge [big spear thing] around with me?"
-Summer Rain: "Obviously I just confused it with a large arrow"

Other Stuff

"Ah. It's day. I can't do astrology."

"Once more unto the breach!"
-"They're muzzle-loading. Once more unto the muzzle!"

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