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Location: http://www.seraph-inn.com/
Updates: 4 pages weekly
Actually Updates: Uncertain
Rating: U/PG
Recommended by: Angoel (well, less recommended than 'I was interested enough to add it to my daily viewing page'.  But I thought that was sufficient to give it a mention), Kazuhiko, MoonShadow, AlexChurchill, Requiem, SunKitten
Example Strip: Hard to pick, it's more story than one-offs.  Start at the [beginning].
AlexChurchill suggests [Elves are supposed to be beautiful].

The story is... slightly on the easy/cliche/no surprises here side, but the art is cute and it's easy to flip through.
It is rather nice "easy reading", isn't it? And very good full-colour art.  --AC
I liked it.  And I thought it was titled 'Inverloch' - though that's less wikiable.  --Vitenka
The website seems to use both names. From URLs and titlebars, AC hypothesises I think that /TheSeraphInn is to Inverloch what ToothyCat is to PhoenixFeathers. --AC
One slight problem whilst re-reading the archive too quickly - I misread his horns as a SweatDrop every time he stand side on.  --Vitenka
Volume 1 (chapters 1-5) is necessary backstory, background and setup. Volume 2 introduces some great recurring characters and has some diverse and impressive settings. Volume 3 has only just started (WikiNow late June 2005), so too early to say much about it. But AlexChurchill is very much looking forward to seeing the way that characters *cough*, *cough* and *cough* interact :)
It's very pretty! And it has elves and, like, characters and plot and stuff. --Requiem

I described the latest character to be introduced to Nataku and she asked if she was a MarySue.  I initially denied it, thinking that others in the series would better fit the description, but then I realised...  Every main character in this story is a MarySue  *twitchtwitch* --K
You must be using a very different definition, there.  They're all very simple characters, true - but then the whole thing is reading more like a childrens story or (horrors) a comic than your typical webcomic.  Each of the characters has a major flaw - I'd say they're a typical 'childrens hero' team.  The naive young  outcast hero with a special item, the protective one with a mysterious past, the rogue - and now the SugarRush? one.  And unless the comic is being written by a triumvurate I don't see how they could all be MarySue.  --Vitenka
It's obviously a roleplaying party. The characters are all designed as Sues. The world is such that none of them can act like it. --Requiem

Makes up for spectacularly good art with spectacularly clichéd plot and some fairly peculiar character designs (best thief-catcher ever has a two-inch skirt and a pink dagger as her heaviest weapon) --K *feeling grouchy*

Kazuhiko's note to self: You've read up to [here (060330)], but start [here] when you want to continue (skipping the pokemon fight)...

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