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A road that goes past Cambridge.  A very wide road, but not wide enough for everyone who wants to use it.  Anyone who is not a glutton for punishment should avoid it like the plague if they possibly can, except maybe late at night or early in the morning at weekends.

You can generally check its status [here].

(PeterTaylor) Eh? It was quiet the one time I drove along it, which was about 16:00 IIRC.
Well, there you go, then.  It's fine if you don't go along it during rush hour, but it's a nightmare if you do.  I have significantly reduced my PetrolConsumption? for commuting to work since moving across Cambridge so that I now only have to go along the A14 for one junction, and even then I now have alternative routes that avoid it all together.. --M-A
Despite that, it's now 9.35 and I've just got into the office.  Blame everyone piling off the A14 to try the "short cut" to the A428 to avoid the overturned lorry...

[Cambridgeshire's most controversial road]

Today (08/01/04), a low-loader carrying a JCB decided to drive into a bridge along the A14; depositing the JCB across the road and damaging the bridge. A14 eastbound was thus closed; and will remain so until sometime early tomorrow morning, whilst people test the structural integrity of the bridge. This successfully added an hour on to StuartFraser's journey time to Cambridge. Grr.

I used to cycle across the A14 (not actually on it) every morning on my way to work.  I consider it proof positive that petrol duty can never be raised too high.  And also think it does a wonderful job of justifying my strategy in SimCity.  (Road too busy?  Demolish it and plonk a park there.)  --Vitenka
In the original SimCity, StuartFraser often attempted to build no roads at all and connect everything with rail lines. Didn't really work but it was a nice try...

When Garbled clicked on this link, for some reason, he thought it was going to be the latest pop rubbish sensation boyband. Go figure :-)

WikiNow:14/09/2004 - Did anyone else get stuck on the roads this morning?  I got into work at 20 past 10, having heard on the radio that the A14 was closed between Girton and Histon because of a really nasty accident and diverted via Histon, Girton & Oakington instead.  My fuel consumption doesn't like being in first gear for 10 miles... --M-A
I usually travel west on the A14 and then go down the M11. I arrived before a diversion was in place (and was not listening to the radio). I saw the immense amount of cars and  instead headed eastbound on the A14, went down through Fen Ditton, across to Great Shelford and arrived at work in Saffron Walden 25 minutes late. --qqzm
I didn't, but at least four people in the MathWorks office did. Apparently the accident was so bad they were cutting people out of vehicles. --AlexChurchill
I go the other way, so had a completely clear stretch of road; but getting home is going to be interesting. - MoonShadow
Well, I have to get from one side of the closure to the other side (Milton - Dry Drayton), so there's not much chance of me avoiding delays on the way home too.  Bleurgh. --M-A
At least one fatality.  The A14 was closed westbound from Girton for overnight road-works too; I guess they didn't reopen it because of the accident... -- Senji
[BBC news story]

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