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A count down to that most explosive of days, Christmas.

In 2003, SunKitten did a pretty [advent calendar] including various verse and characters (including the terrifying prospect of the Committee as chibi plushies).

In 2004, SunKitten did a very pretty [advent calendar] with less verse and considerable more chibi cuteness.

In 2005, SunKitten did an exceptionally pretty [advent calendar], which looks to be filled with much cuteness, both chibi and non.

In 2006, SunKitten did a cute and pretty [advent calendar], which seems to be a set of two-mini-strip comics from the extant comics.

In 2007, SunKitten did a beautiful [advent calendar] in stained-glass style.

[2008 Advent Calendar]
[2009 Advent Calendar]
[2010 Advent Calendar]
[2011 Advent Calendar]
[2012 Advent Calendar]
[2013 Advent Calendar]
[2014 Advent Calendar]
[2015 Advent Calendar]
[2016 Advent Calendar]
[2017 Advent Calendar]
[2018 Advent Calendar]
[2019 Advent Calendar]
[2020 Advent Calendar]
[2021 Advent Calendar]
[2022 Advent Calendar]
[2023 Advent Calendar]

I found my ToothyWiki login just so that I could come and squee about the first entry in the 2012 AdventCalendar :-) - AnonymousMegaeraFan

Clearly I forgot to edit this page for 2009. Anyway, the 2010 calendar has [begun] :) - SunKitten

The 2008 calendar is [now updating] :) - SunKitten
10th Dec 2008: I approve of the Yozhik. No, the other Yozhik. --CH

3rd Dec 2007: Wow. The effect is gorgeous. You've outdone yourself :) --AC
Thanks ^^ I note you say that the day Nagi goes up... >;) - SunKitten

Oops, sorry for the blip - updating on the 11th must have got forgotten in the comic update ^^;; - SunKitten
11th Dec 2007: Not recognising the character but... she has two tails? ^^;; --K
That's Vivika, from Ambient Rhythm - she's only really turned up on a character sheet so far (but is due this Friday ;). No, they're tassles, not tails, but it's not immediately obvious ^^ - SunKitten

How did you get the lead effect?  It's very nice indeed. :) --M-A
Thanks :) It's an 3D inner bevel effect on the black lines, slightly modified from the 'metal' settings ^^ - SunKitten

6th, 11th, 16th and 20th Dec 2007 are particularly cool. 15th probably would be as well, if I knew the character. 20th sadly I shouldn't save to my ScreenSaverSlideShow?, because it'd be spoily for random people who haven't read LookingForTheSun to see... ^^ --AC
The 15th is Shirin, from Artifaxis ^^;; 20th - well, it's not like many people are going to read it is it, so why not? ;) - SunKitten

1 Dec 2006 - I see no image at all :(  --Vitenka
Works from here (same LAN). - MoonShadow
Works for me. NTL. --PT
And me (not that I know who we're with) --CH
Aha!  The problem was AdBlock? - img/ad* was catching it.  My bad.  --Vitenka (won't look)

2 Dec 2006 - For those who can't remember, Winterborn is also known as PhoenixFeathers/Greystripe. --AC

4 Dec 2006 - Yaaay, Rin! It's been too long a time since we saw any new Rin pics! :) --AC

16 Dec 2006 - *boggle* Do we know what job Yozhik got after graduating? One has to wonder, given that... Or is this while they were still students, in which case... I still don't get it... --AC
3D rendering - SunKitten

7 Dec 2005 - Poor Yozhik... :) --K
Why is he trimming a hedge at night? Is there some RealLife history I'm mising here? --CH
Possibly you're just not up on your PhoenixFeathers history... See m02 and m04 :) --AC
Ah. Oh yes. Fair enough.

8th... Erm.  Someone enlighten me? --K
That's Jig, from LookingForTheSun - she shows up in issues 5, 6, 7, 14 and 15 - SunKitten
Thanks :) --K
Ah, I did wonder if it was Jig... I didn't think her hair was that colour, for some reason --AC

14th & 15th... and it emerges that the theme of this calendar is getting SunKitten's comic characters drunk!  Yay! :) --K

15th also explains some of the marks given on my first-year example sheets! --CH
Nyehehehe! I love the symbols behind Nagi's head. Are they meant to represent the effects of Mathematics? or of Alcohol?? I can make out spirals, two different types of house, a lizard breathing fire, and what may be another lizard breathing fire... --AC
It's a Godzilla tone, and the interpretation is up to you :) I have a folder full of tonesheets I, um, borrowed, and every now and then it's nice to use them - SunKitten

16th caught me wonderfully by surprise having seen 15th earlier. BwaHaHaHa :) --AC

17th is an utterly gorgeous piece of art. --AC

21st - Ooh, is that Reality Checkpoint? CURSWiki: Androidkiller
Queue utter confusion as I recheck the advent calendar to see if I missed Catreece...  *kickself* --K

22nd - Cool! I assume that's [Arram] as a boy? With... some girl in a funky purple skirt. Sister, mother? --AC

ChrisHowlett was disturbed to discover AdventCalendars on sale in Tesco, Friday 14th September 2007.

Events, CategoryFestive?

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