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Something Kazuhiko reads far too much of.

There is a moderately huge collection of HarryPotter fanfiction lying around on the 'net, some of which is, IMHO, extremely good and, hence, has a tendency to consume vast quantities of my spare time at the moment.  Having been referred to one good fic, I read more from the same collection and, to my surprise, found that quite a lot of it was pretty good. PlasmonPerson says: For some reason most of it seems to centre around Snape having rampant gay sex with anyone and everyone. Who knew?
Yes, that is almost certainly a genre.  ThankYou for that unpleasant MentalImage?.  --Vitenka (Do we have a link to [PotterPals] yet?)

I then made the near fatal error of assuming that this meant it was safe to do a Google search for HarryPotter FanFiction and read some of the results.  *shudder*

Some of these things could be books by themselves though.  One story I have just read through has 36 chapters and would equate to roughly 1500 sheets if printed on to A4...  Then I found out it wasn't finished yet *grinds teeth*.  Then I found out that there is actually fanfiction about this fanfic...
Okay do you see the mistake you made there?
Good fanfiction does that, it also spawns whatifs and alternate slants.  Strangely, though, I feel no urge to write HP-fanfic. -- Senji
Well, there's an out of date comment for you... :-) Senji
(PeterTaylor) Heh. I know there's no way I have time to write any, but that's not stopping me having plot ideas for a post-book-5 fic.
I've now written the first chapter of mine.  *looks ashamed*  If I post it anywhere, shoot me if you find it.  I am nt responseable for my actions.  --FR

Some of the more interesting are referenced below, but definitely not all of the ones I have read and enjoyed.

I've just started watching an HP RPG community on LJ.  It's not really FanFiction, but it's not really RolePlay? either... -- Senji

Gryffindor Tower (site gone, try http://www.geocities.com/ashwinderhg/othersites.htm)

The home of probably 95% of the HPfics I have read.  Note that this is a 'Ship' site for H/G...  Translation, this site is dedicated to fanfics which have at least some element of a relationship between Harry and Ginny.  In case your reaction to that was the same as my initial reaction, I will remind you that they are actually only a few months apart in terms of age...  For some reason I'd assumed it was far larger than that.

Other than that, the only connection between the fanfics is that they are, in the majority of cases 'innocent'.  To put it another way, some suthors may think up one thousand ways to get Harry and Ginny into bed together but all they do when they get there is sleep :)

In case you hadn't guessed a large number of these fics fall under the WAFF variety but some have actual content as well :)

Brit-Fic Challenge (site gone, Google not helpful)

An amusing consequence of this being a 'British' story is that American authors fall over themselves to make sure that 'Americanisms' are removed from stories...  Someone decided to take this a little further and hence the Brit-fic challenge was born.

Warning: Contains cricket!

[Naked Quidditch Match]

Having said that Gryffindor Tower was innocent, I promptly link to one of the least innocent on there... (Link moved to a mirror because GT site gone) Mostly falls under the innuendo bracket, buts it up to you to decide.  One of the first HPfics I read and still one of the funniest.  Very very silly.

Written almost entirely as a series of m-mails (magic-mail) between the various characters.  Harry's .sig file:

Oooh, I tink I taw a bid bad Moldiemort!
I DiD, I DiD
I Did tee a bid bad Moldiemort

[After the End]

Life after Voldemorte (and after book 7).  This is the 1500 pages and not done yet story...  (Any guesses as to how A4 sheets with that size print would compare to the number of pages in a book?)

Certainly not without its angst, but I doubt that you would hunt it out as an example of a dark story.

[Draco Dormiens]

"When an accident in Potions class turns Harry into Draco and Draco into Harry, each is trapped playing the part of the other"...  No, don't run away yet.  It's well written and genuinely good fun, at least IMHO.  An interesting take on Draco's life. --Kazuhiko
RuleNumberOne:  Finish reading something before you recommend it.  In fact I would still recommend it but would consider the last chapter to be entirely OutOfCharacter.  Good fun, but still. --Kazuhiko

Hermione would definitely recommend that the author of this fanfic read that book about the history of Hogwart's.
I would? -- Hermione?
In chapter 2, the author seems to forget that you can't Disapparate from Hogwarts.
Honestly.  Does no one else bother to read it? -- Hermione?

[His Majesty's Secret Service]

(PeterTaylor) Set in Harry's fifth year (and written before /Book5 came out), HMSS follows an elvish spy who, with Dumbledore's assistance, infiltrates Slytherin as a pupil in order to get close to Draco Malfoy. The plot naturally focusses on Slytherin, with particularly good character development of Draco and Goyle. Slightly marred by a couple of Americanisms, but still worthy of a solid 9 out of 10. Note: HMSS is of novel length, and may disappoint Gryffindor Tower fans.

Having finally finished it, I would say it was good, but not that good.  I'd probably rate it a 7.  Unfortunately, I was struck over and again by the image of a random Lord of the Rings fangirl going "I know!  Wouldn't it be really cool if Legolas went to Hogwarts!!!!!" --K

One of the better sites for fanfiction (mostly H/G ship, I'm afraid) is [The Hidden Tower], due to its very high standards for anything that gets posted.  It was to my delight when I read that they insist on correct spelling, grammar, structure etc, and the content of the work is really very good.  --FR

OK, I felt I had to mention this fic, since it is quite possibly the best thing I've ever read.  Well, maybe not, but it is insanely good.  Lots of humour, including a lot of the M-mail format from [The Nekkid Quidditch Match], along with substantial prose passages.  A great mixture of humour and canon.  [This Means War!]  (Please note, the description is not really for the whole fic... just the first few chapters.)  --FR

http://www.sugarquill.net/ - if for no other reason than the Tough Guide To Harry Potter Fanfic.  Dedicated to PG-13 romance.  -- ElliottBelser


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