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Name: Unknown
Course: BlackArtsTripos (h36), probably a fellow. Also an evil overlord - see h11.
Species: Unknown, possibly human.
Blood Group: Unknown
/GateRanking: Obsidian (h33)
Likes: Manipulating people. Loyal faceless minions.

Latest info seems to give him the name of Dairen McCullough?, a necromancer from (of course) Oxford. Has used multiple names and moved about a lot over the last 1000 years. h25
However, Dairen McCullough? has a Lapis /GateRanking, whereas the MED has an obsidian /GateRanking.  So either they're different people, or rankings can change over time. --M-A

Only shows up during the Interludes, a sure sign of a MysteriousCharacter.

Wears glasses, as seen in [Interlude 3].
Is intrigued by /Yozhik's /ComputerWizardry? skills, as seen at [Interlude 4].

/Rin was a servant of his.

Hmm.  Do people think that the mysterious (evil?) dude hitting on Niea in [Alcohol tolerance] is connected?  One reminds me of IntegralHellsing while the other reminds me of... *BangsHeadAgainstWallRepeatedly* Ah yes... Alucard.  - Kazuhiko

Hmmm, you're right... he certainly does look pretty similar to the /MysteriousEvilDude. I wonder what he and /Niea discussed??  --AlexChurchill
(PeterTaylor) And is that /PhelanMidsummer behind the bar?
Definitely similar, but I think the barman's hair is longer. --CH
I'm pretty sure Dr. Midsummer wouldn't be seen dead serving at a public bar...  OTOH, now Niea has gone into the service of the /MysteriousEvilDude I think it's fairly safe to say that was him... --K

BTW, SunKitten, so you mind such random speculation being put on the PhoenixFeathers Wiki pages or would you prefer not? - Kazuhiko

SunKitten: Please do. I enjoy reading it ^^ MuHaHaHa

It is noted that this character bears a certain resemblance, in quite a few respects, to a certain former housemate of SunKitten.  He has long hair, glasses, and is [first introduced] as being geekily obsessed with certain cult sci-fi films... I suspish :) --MikeJeggo

He has not thus far (February 2003) been named in the strip.  Speculation abounds (okay, I'm lying) that his name is either Remil or Kevin.

But Kevin is just so traditional... -- Senji

Wow, you've got a good eye.  Yes, nice spot.  So is he in fact called something like Xevin Xercesovich, or has he either hacked or "negotiated" a userid from the /ComputerService??
I'm tempted to suspect the latter, but given that PhoenixFeathers people seem to have more interesting names than usual....  Or perhaps his name isn't easily transliteratable into the latin alphabet? -- Senji

To be honest, I still think this page should be called /MysteriousEvilDudette?... possibly a result of the resemblance to IntegralHellsing, possibly just the (lingering, highly inaccurate) feeling that anyone with hair longer than mine must surely be female. Can anyone point to anything that proves me wrong in this? (Being addressed as "Sir" doesn't count...) - tjm

How long is your hair? -- Senji
Long. But not that long.
Hmm.../Rin calls him an evil Overlord, which you'll probably tell me also doesn't count. Otherwise, don't think so.
Ah, excellent point; I'd missed that one. (To be honest, the main reason I excluded 'Sir' was the - admittedly not all that likely - possibility of a knighthood. IntegralHellsing on the brain, clearly....)
I thought the same thing. I still think of evilperson as a dudette. But then I thought the same thing about Kurai for a while...

He's very interested in the thaumic background level.  Rin reports to him in h07 that it's not yet at the 'specified threshold'.  What could he be up to?
Trying to guage an accurate date for the foundation of Cambridge?  Though he needs to rule out the possibility of toothy-cats in the funnel.  --Vitenka
All this talk about a great fire in history, the Snow Ball Council's obsession with male phoenixes (phoenices?), /BrightfeatherVillage's fires and the fact that Meg seems to know the place... can't wait to see what's next. I'm betting Yozhik'll spill the beans. - CorkScrew

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