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I'd say just bung up a page for each new unrelated comment.  In a heirachy would make it easier for me to ignore, but I probably won't anyway.  --Vitenka
AlexChurchill has on occasion in the past wished there was a place on ToothyWiki for theological discussion of particular passages rather than topics. If the question is primarily about a topic in Theology, then on that topic's page (creating it if necessary) seems appropriate. If it's primarily about a passage, though, there isn't a current system for it. Subpages of TheBible makes some sense. --AlexChurchill's 2p
I'd say keep them all as subpages of some single thing, or at least carry the same text in the page name. That'd let people who are not interested use the filter in their preferences to filter them out of RecentChanges, the way I currently do MtgTrades pages. There's no reason not to stick them on ToothyWiki, but it sounds like there'll be a lot of pages and I don't really want that to become its sole purpose or to completely overshadow other things people do on it. -- MoonShadow
I highly doubt it would take over. Like many discussions we have here, each discussion would likely run for a day or few, and then a random but probably fairly long period elapse before the next such. --AC
Remember the time people were making lots of root-level pages for their RPG characters? That sort of thing is what I mean. I found that really rather annoying. - MoonShadow
Hmm. I do remember that, although I didn't find it that annoying (I just wouldn't follow those pages). If such were to take place on subpages of something (say RPGCharacter/BobTheMighty? etc) to make it easily filtrable, would that still be something you objected to? (Supposing also that CURSWiki didn't exist and the ToothyWikizens who play RPGs were wanting to discuss things.) If so, then what is the factor that defines what you object to? If it's just whether something interests you, do remember that you and I are interested in an uncommonly high percentage of the topics discussed here, and the majority of names we see on RecentChanges are probably not bothered about some significant percentage of the pages here... --AlexChurchill, hoping to clarify rules/guidelines and not cause offence ^^;;
Well, the conclusion we actually came to as you might recall was that it was fine to create character pages so long as they were subpages of the creator's homepage - the principle being to avoid namespace clutter, which was what I found annoying at the time. MagicTheGathering subpages follow a similar principle, as do AngelaRayner's lecture notes etc. Magic trading pages are different again, and require filtrability because there are a lot of them, they are updated frequently and people complained. Thinking about it, filtrability might not be a requirement for the bible passage pages if they work out the way other discussions do, but I still want to avoid the namespace clutter; and it's much  nicer to start with filtrability and neatness in mind than to try and add it in after the fact. - MoonShadow

- How come when I make changes, the RecentChanges displays "cmbg-cache-5.server.ntli.net" instead of PsychoBabe? Is that because i'm not special enough? colon open parenthesis
I doubt it's that ;) Possibly-silly answer: are you logged in? That is, on the line at the top and bottom of the wiki pages that say ToothyWiki and RecentChanges on, does it say PsychoBabe (yes logged in) or cmbg-cache-etc (no not logged in)? Try logging in if you're not logged in. If you are, it may be a cookies issue... what browser and operating system are you using? --AlexChurchill
Ah! Now have a special pass-word! :) Thanks

Will you make more so beautiful and amazing AMV's as Move On and Raining Bishounen?  --Robin?_SnnS?
There's the elements song, too.  I think more are forthcoming, and can only hope.  SinisterDucks were, I am certain, mentioned.  --Vitenka
See https://www.toothycat.net/amv.html for the third one :) --AlexChurchill
Oh!  And WelcomeToWiki :)  --Vitenka

Thank you for the praise! Indeed we do intend to make more AMVs and have a few plans, but they may be a little while in coming. - MoonShadow

Why don't [''italics'' in hyperlinks] work? Should they? --Rachael
It's a limitation of the [UseMod] engine. I'd have to examine the wiki code to find out precisely why they made that decision. - MoonShadow

Hello, I was told you play board games and card games (Magic, probably) on tuesday evenings. Um, where, when, and can I join in?
Hiya! WelcomeToWiki. GamesEvening is run by AlexChurchill, who may be contacted at alex (dot) churchill (at) cantab (dot) net. --MoonShadow

I'm probably being an idiot, but how do I add things to categories? Or can only admins do that? --Anonyman
Anyone can. You just put CategoryWhatever? at the bottom of the page. --Edwin

Ummm. Hello.
Bit nervous about this. Wiki's are scary._. feels like graffiti
Um I have a question for Morag.
I ordered some books from sweatdrop just over a week ago and nothings arrived. Do you know if its been sent off yet?
I get kinda paranoid about these things you see (I'm forever checking the parcel tracker on Amazon^^)
Thank you --Mimi (eve_hewett@hotmail.co.uk)

Hi Mimi :) Yes, your order was shipped on the 2nd February. I'm afraid I don't know what's happened to it; we don't use a tracking service. It was a large parcel, though - is it possible that the postman couldn't deliver it and it's waiting for you in their depot somewhere? If not, then we'd normally allow three weeks - if it hasn't arrived by Feb 23rd we will ship you a replacement. Sorry about that! - SunKitten

Wheeee^^ Thank you. I'll have a look into it. This isn't so scary after all! XDhehe
Do let me know if it arrives - and remind me if it hasn't by the 23rd ^^ - SunKitten

Now we've settled in our new house, and hoping that lots of people want to come and visit, Chel thought it'd be kinda fun to have a sort of online booking system. Pretty simple - there'd be a calendar display, we could mark certain dates as free or otherwise, and our friends could pick dates that are free to indicate they'd like to come and stay. Now, I should be able to knock something like that up in RubyOnRails? pretty easily, but I do only have a limited amount of free time. Does anyone know of an existing free service that would give us what we want? --ChrisHowlett
Google Calendar? --MoonShadow
That thought did cross my mind. Does it require potential guests to have a Google account in order to edit the calendar? --CH

What do I do if I forget my username and password?  [I did read the faq and the documentation, but either it wasn't obvious or I was sleepy] -- Atreic
I don't think there's anything stopping you making a new "account". MoonShadow's out birdwatching this morning so may not get back to you for a while - if you're desperate for a login, just make a new one. If you're not so bothered, then you can just keep posting anonymously and signing your paragraphs :) - SunKitten
If you email me, I'll reply with your details; or you could just make a fresh one - UseMod doesn't stop multiple accounts having the same name, and there's no particularly important state associated with them - they're just a way to store your viewing / posting preferences; so it's not generally a big deal. --MoonShadow
''Thank you! --Atreic

Can unregistered openings in the story threads (looking at /Vanished? specifically) be given pages by anyone? Or do they need permission? Asking because I really want to use that opening. -AConfusedWolf

Feel free to do whatever you wish! Threads has basically been abandoned for almost two decades now (!) but if someone starts playing, others might join in ^^ --MS?
I hope they do! In that case, I'll probably take it upon myself to bring it back from the dead! -AConfusedWolf

Probably asking a lot of questions, but... Just how many of you are from Cambridge?! -AConfusedWolf
Questions are what this page is for ;) And quite a few, not sure what the proportions are in total - SunKitten
It's just... wow! I've been diving through the categories, and Cambridge is at least referenced in the connected threads! It's even a large section of the settings in the co-op story threads! With how much work I can see was put into this place, even by five minutes of diving, it's a wonder that there aren't more people who know about this place. Heck, I'm from Kentucky, and I stumbled on here through a freaking SCP wild goose chase! I haven't seen anything like this before, either. -AConfusedWolf
Also, forgot to ask! What was the first page to be on here? I can't seem to find it, or if I have I haven't realized it. -AConfusedWolf
The first page? Not anything particularly interesting, tbh. This wiki is a fork of [UseMod], and originally came with a bunch of default pages from there. --MoonShadow
Honestly, I'm just enjoying the challenge of hunting it down. Didn't think to start at UseMod, but that might help me track it. -AConfusedWolf

SeeAlso: StoreRoom, LinuxBox, WindowsBox, GothBox...

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