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Sitting in the gentle warmth of the afternoon sun is very soporific. You are feeling sleepy... very, very sleepy. Slowly you realise that you aren't sitting down in your room but instead sitting down at the edge of the dance floor of the night club you have been in several times before. The lights flash and sway over gyrating bodies and multi-coloured hair (or is that an effect of the lights?). You rub your eyes and look around, trying to spot someone - anyone - you might know. The little girl with the taiyaki would be good about now.
Possibly the most distressing part is that it feels quite good to be surrounded by the puzzling madness once more... ^^;; --AC
Wai!  The anime-rave has returned! --K

Waltzing near you is a tall man with a shock of long, pale hair and a stern face. He is dancing - badly - with a very small child with dark  hair. Just beyond them a red-haired girl calls out instructions, laughing at the look on his face; she is accompanied by a young man with grey hair who is somewhat awkward, almost as if he is not used to the body he is wearing.
Oh! I wonder if these are the DotHackSlashSlashSign bunch? Baramunk, someone, Mimiru and Tsukasa...? Or maybe not... Anyone else? --AC
Doesn't sound quite right but I really have no clue (my first thought was Ilparazzo for the guy but that really doesn't fit) --K

Beyond these dancers, sitting in a chair much like yours, is a tall individual with long brown wavy hair. He's wearing a cloak and hat and, from what you can see of his expression, this is the last place on Earth he wants to be. A wheedling voice is coming from that general area although no-one else is near him; you can't quite make out the words. The seated  man clenches his fist, and the voice stops speaking. Perhaps it was your imagination?
VampireHunterD, and "Hand" :) --AC
Oh, well done :)  I didn't get it but really should have :) --K

The singers are a different bunch to last time; they are.. interesting  individuals, three men and a girl, all with blue skin. The music is really rather impressive, drawing you from your chair onto the dancefloor amid the whirling dancers.
The Interstella5555 band --AC
Seconded :) --K

You pass a green-haired girl dancing with a girl with violet hair, and you rub your eyes, confused by the colours. Surely that's not  normal? The two girls spin close to each other, laughing, and you walk on, past another, somewhat dangerous-looking girl dancing with a smaller girl with odd-coloured eyes,
Don't know the first two; second two must by Layla and Nei from Avenger. --AC
First two are the main charas from Quiet Country Cafe I believe. --K

and yet another girl couple dancing together. The younger of this pair is dancing around manically and occasionally trying to sing along; she has messy shortish blonde hair and slightly pointed ears and every now and then she pokes her partner, a dark-haired, conservatively-dressed girl who is dancing without enthusiasm and looking more and more embarrassed by the minute. She keeps looking at her watch, as though she can't wait to leave.
The hair colours and demeanour fit the UltraManiac stars, but Nina doesn't have pointed ears that I recall, so I draw a blank here. Oh! NieaUnderSeven? --AC

Beyond the multiple girl-girl couples
- a sure sign of being trapped in a shoujo anime - --AC
Which is, in and by itself, a somewhat disturbing sign --K

there's a room with 'cafe' written above the door. This seems like an strange place for a cafe, but you are hungry so you head towards it. It seems to be run by lots of cute girls dressed up in costumes, although you're sure at least one of them is a guy. The costumes are pretty impressive.
Hmm... I doubt this is the AzumangaDaioh class cafe, so I'm stumped here too! --AC
The cosplay cafe from Comic Party, perhaps ? After all, Kazuki was working there but the rest of the waiting staff were girls --Jay
My first thought was Nadesico, but you wouldn't really be in much doubt about him being male so probably not. --K

In the cafe you are served a drink and a cake, and  you lean back in the chair and watch the dancers go by. There's a conga train forming, led by a tall man with sticky-up blond hair, wearing red and chanting some strange chant you can't quite hear, although it doesn't seem to be connected to the conga. He's accompanying the chant with a hand motion.
Hmmmm. Vash the Stampede from TriGun? --AC
Love and Peace!  Love and Peace! *v sign* --K

Behind him come a tall red-haired man wearing a cloak, a black-haired girl in some sort of blue overall and another kid. Behind the kid there's another tall individual who's having trouble bending down to hold the kid's waist. Part of his trouble, though, seemed to be with the green-haired girl holding his waist from behind; she must be with him, for they are both wearing realistic-looking animal ears; hers are cat ears and his wolf ears. He is blushing and occasionally holding his nose, but she seems totally oblivious to his state.
No idea about any of these, eek. The girl in overall ought to be distinctive, but the only ones I can think of are Lavi or Winry, neither of whom have dark hair; and I also feel I ought to remember the cat-eared and wolf-eared pair, but nothing comes to mind --AC
I'm fairly certain that the cat and wolf are the main charas from Hyper Police except that there is more to their animal nature than just the ears.  Hmm.  Don't know the rest at all --K
Sorry - 'overall' is the wrong word. Try 'shawl' - SunKitten

The probably-boy comes up to you and informs you politely that the cafe is closing. You finish the drink and walk back to the room, wondering vaguely where the exit is. The music seems to have wound down and people are standing about on the dance floor chatting - still at high volume, since the conga train is singing loudly to make up for the lack of music. It has gained a group of girls at the back; they appear to be school age except for one who's far too young; she and one other girl appear familiar - have they been here before?. The tallest in this group, a girl with black hair, is staring fixedly at the green-haired cat-eared girl in front; you think that if you were the green-haired girl, you'd be worried.
Sakaki, Chiyo and the others from AzumangaDaioh :) --AC

Over by the wall, the tall man with the hat appears to have found a door, and is making for it as fast as he can without running. You follow him, passing groups of people standing and talking. You overhear several interesting conversations, including one which seems a monologue, consisting of one individual declaiming her fame and greatness as a doujinshi artist.
Let us run quickly from the self-proclaimed "Eimi-chan-sama"! --AC
I should know, but what series?  Comic Party? --K

'Most of the others are more balanced, reflecting late-night tiredness, although you consider on reflection that 'balanced' is the wrong word to use for an individual who seems to be talking to a motorbike (it's even more worrying that the motorbike might be talking back).
Kino and Hermes from KinosTravels --AC

But, you think, wasn't it afternoon just now? Why are all these people tired?
I have no idea o.o --AC
Given how repetative DaftPunk songs are, they've probably been dancing to the same thing for quite a long time... --K

The tall man has reached the door and as he opens it a flood of light fills the room. The revellers disappear as you squint into the light, your eyes watering at the sudden brilliance, which fades gently to reveal  your window, against which you were leaning just now. There's a large white cat curled up outside; it looks at you disdainfully and yawns. It's only the afternoon, and you're so tired. Maybe you should take a nap...
Could this be Moon from those two StudioGhibli movies? Or is it just a normal cat? --AC
That was my exact same thought as well :) --K

Ah, it is great to revisit the mushroom-fuelled dreamworld occasionally... And particularly when it almost feels like there's more going on in the background than I've even realised... --AlexChurchill
I can guarantee you've watched some of every anime on this page, Alex :) Not very much of some of them maybe, but there are none you haven't seen some of ;) - SunKitten

The tall moody guy with the hat and the hand is indeed VampireHunterD :)  The band is from Interstella5555, and the dancing girl-girl couples are Alpha and Kokone from QuietCountryCafe? and Layla and Nei from Avenger, and Niea and Mayuko from NieaUnderSeven. The cafe is indeed the cosplay cafe from ComicParty, so the probably-boy is Kazuki. Vash is of course very recognisable, and the cat-eared and wolf-eared couple are supposed to be Natsuki and Batanen from HyperPolice. The AzumangaDaioh party (with Sakaki and Chiyo being specifically described) and the identity of the two described talkers - Eimi from ComicParty and Kino&Hermes from KinosTravels are correctly guessed. And Moon from WhisperOfTheHeart? was added for amusement's sake. His, probably. Shall I reveal the identities of the first group of four and the conga-ing three behind Vash? - SunKitten

OK, the first four characters are Keiki, Taiki, Yoko and Rakushun from JuuniKokki. The three behind Vash in the conga are Gene, Melfina and Jim from OutlawStar - SunKitten

Cool.  Thanks for the hallucination!  The JuuniKokki people I wouldn't have got since I still haven't watched it (gomen!).  I should have got the OutlawStar trio though :) --K

That's OK, I wasn't expecting you to get JuuniKokki :) And I made a mistake with OutlawStar - I meant 'shawl that covers everything' but it came out wrong... ^^;; - SunKitten (who else can we get hallucinations from? ;)

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