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Within the university can be found two endangered species, the TrinityMathmos and the Homerton Primary School teachers. As each species is single gendered, they are in severe danger of dying out without propagating their genes to future generations. To help conserve these rare and wonderful creatures the CambridgeDancersClub was founded.

Luring the mathematicians in by teaching them complex musical patterns while encouraging close physical contact, and luring the Primary School teachers in by making the beginners' teachers patronising to primary-school-teacher levels... the breeding program has had few successes as of yet, but with over 2000 members we can only hope for the future...

Presumably, then, the CDC's claim that "one-third of all CambridgeStudents join CDC at some point during their study at Cambridge" is an elaborate piece of propaganda to make these groups feel comfortable going along to such a program?

The only downside is that teaching BallroomDancing to TrinityMathmos hits problems when you try to get them not to look at their feet.

The trick is to get them concentrating, for instance on counting the beats. At that point their gaze naturally fades into the high left-middle distance, forming a concentrating expression, which seredipitously is exactly the correct position for an accomplished dancer's head.

M-A may well drag Nat to some classes / /GD this summer ('04), and wonders who else might be there if she does.
PeterTaylor will be at /GD (and Intermediates Plus, but I doubt you'd be dragging Nat along to that).
StuartFraser will probably be at /GD and Intermediates for at least some weeks, having apparently acquired an excuse to remain in Cambridge over summer.

StuartFraser wonders how many of the ToothyWikizens who have been/are CambridgeStudents joined CDC at some point during their study at Cambridge. Having seen the Mob (of whatever variety) at a first week of the CDC crash course he believes the one-third stat.

StuartFraser, ChrisHowlett and PeterTaylor are currently members. As is RobertHiersemenzel, who has a homepage even if he doesn't strictly count as a ToothyWikizen.

Sally is almost a member, and seems intent on getting Emperor to learn BallroomDancing next year. 
MuHaHaHa. Anyone would think that Sally (and StuartFraser, who does the same thing, but not with people who are on the wiki) were part of a conspiracy or something...
Was a member, will be a member, have gone to all the balls this year... just never actually joined, as haven't had time for any classes, and well, was avoiding a certain person for fear of making their life difficult / unhappy. - Sally

M-A joined in 1st year, 2nd year, 4th year and the following year, and the year after that, and the one after that.  Has been in the same class as MikeJeggo, Nagi and, if I've got the right person, in the same class as Sally at some point.
If you've got the right person, you probably shouldn't be in any doubt...
I'm just not sure if DancingSally? is GamesEveningSally? is WikiSally?...
Yes to all.
Only metaphorically.
Great, ignore the wiki for a day and look what they all say about me.  Yes, I'm Sally. WhoAreYouAllReally ?

AlexChurchill and AngelaRayner were members for a year, and are planning to go to another course this summer.  Looks like we've got about 50% of the regular ToothyWikizens who are/were CambridgeStudents.  I wonder what the similar status for the AssassinsGuild would be?
Zero of course.  Ask anyone you like, they're not playing this term.
Of course, no-one is playing this term.  Those who are definitely not playing this term may not wish to cast doubts on this assertion by admitting they played last term.  But MikeJeggo for one will admit that he was a member in the more distant past, and knows a number of people who have similarly really, really ceased playing.  SunKitten's T-shirt could be considered a giveaway in her case :)
I'm not playing this term, and never have done.  -- Senji
Lying! -- Emperor

StuartFraser did encounter a couple practicing the ChaChaCha in between games of LaserQuest? on Sunday...

Mjb67 Was a CDC member for a while.

Bobacus is a member, but don't ask me to dance unless you want your foot stamped upon.

nagi trained in ballroom with the CDC for three years - in 3rd year of undergrad, Part III, and PhD first year.


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