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January and February 2005

PhoenixFeathersComments: Previous Month

Covenant y07

I have a baaaaad feeling about this... - CorkScrew

Well, it may drive Sh... err, the daemon mad (https://www.toothycat.net/pf/pn16.html), but TBH he deserves it after all that!  I really hope taking a bit of royal blood doesn't make you "of royal blood" and so let the Bad Things bring about the downfall of humanity.  If nothing else, if that was true the contentions over the royal throne would be ridiculous... oh dear, silly Peri... --Sally]

Mmmm... opening a contract with a demon when you don't really know what you're doing and mixing the bloods and we still don't know what the ToothyDemon? wants...  --Vitenka

Oh, you think he might *be* a Bad Thing?  But he's cute! -- Sally
StuartFraser, reading this now, is suddenly really glad you didn't end up being an NPC in CURSWiki: NotInMyBackYard...

A promise remembered y08

And now we'll be waiting for the next one for what will feel like even longer.  Sigh. - Sally

eek! Nikolai's going super sayan!
[please, dont kill me... ;] macloud

I got shivers reading that one!!!!! Noooooo, can't the next one come out any quicker?!! - Velvet

Success? y09

Hmm. There is nothing so terrible as a battle won, except a battle lost? They can't have entirely succeeded, there's still too much strip left... --SF

Aftermath z01

StuartFraser loves the fourth panel. I'm mildly terrified as to what species of baby it is that is making a break for freedom, and idly wondering if someone should give the poor nurse a net...also, aww, poor /Nikolai. Probably. I assume he's going to get thrown out of the /UniversityOfCambridge? at this point, since all the courses we've encountered so far seem to involve some aether frobbling (certainly his does...)

Mmmm, yummy.  Keep betraying those expectations!  I wonder if the 'have a tendency to burn high elves out' thing was a part of the problem, or are we going to follow up the blood thing or... I want more small fluffy demons, drat it all.  The one my neighbours have has got fat and lazy and can barely scramble onto the 3ft fence now, let alone leap onto the kitchen roof from a standing start.  --Vitenka

AlexChurchill was going to post here about how I loved panel 4, when I spotted someone else had already done so ^.^

Awww. Poor /Nikolai. And I'm noting 'wasn't a minor daemon'; I mean, we guessed that, but it's fun to know. --Requiem

If only... z02

StuartFraser wants to know if this plot arc has given Sally the [same earworm] that he's got from it...
Wow, eek, wibble. Understandable reactions all round, but, as the title says, if only... --AlexChurchill

Meanies.  Oh, hate to nitpick, but I tried to work out what was written on Nikolai's shirt - only to discover that whatever it is, it's missing in the larger panels.  Nice pacing.  --Vitenka
Oops. I knew I was forgetting something... will fix that tonight if I remember :) - SunKitten
AlexChurchill wondered the same, but given panel 1 suspects it just says AddenbrookesHospital or something similar.
Fixed. It does say that. I find it really annoying when I forget details.. ^^;; - SunKitten
On an unelated note - ever see the cut-out-and-construct pendulum clock? Visible working gears, and extra kudos. No idea where my dad found it, alas. --Inquisitor

(PeterTaylor) /Daedalus to the rescue? (See last frame...)
No, I think the phoenix was just getting out of the way so that /Megaera could give /Peri the hug she obviously needs. --AC

Resignation z03

my moneys on rin getting the call.macloud

I'm not so sure. Possibly. --Requiem

Due to her previous experiences with the council, I'd have to suggest Meg.  --FlameRider
But isn't /Daedalus the source of it all? --Requiem

Rin was my first thought, but after reading this I accept that it could be Meg.  Then again, if Rin takes over a secretary, do we get Rin/Sylvai slash? ;-) -Sally
Aaagggh.  *hides* -- Senji
8-o You just broke my brain... 8-o --AC

Results z04

And the aftermath of the big climactic events continues to be gently depressing. I am intrigued (in a vaguely concerned way) to see what kind of ending SunKitten and MoonShadow have got planned for us. I take it we're not getting told how many strips there are left?

Of course none of us are surprised that /Rin got a First ;) And of course I wouldn't have any idea who the older theoretical mathematician that /Yozhik (nearly) mentioned could be :) --AC

'Just came to say hello' z05

"Just"... /Rin the Angry One -- Senji

Woo! Go Rin! - CorkScrew

I really don't want to make the comparisson, but reading today's strip... no, on second thoughts I think I'd get shouted at too much.  --FR

True friendship. --Requiem
And a nice dollop of Evil and Angst?.  And a bit of SelfPity? from the other side of the conversation.  --Vitenka

Graduation z06

Yay for them, yay for you, yay or non-perpendicular columns on the SenateHouse? and boo that it's the penultimate episode.  And have the demands started for a wallpaper sized version of the graduation photo, yet?  If so, let me join the chorus.  --Vitenka
and make sure its coloured! macloud
But it won't have /Rin in it! -- /RinFanClub
Turn it over and look out the back of the camera.  Duh.  --Vitenka
Let's see... they're all cursed by the magic camera?  --FR

Epilogue epi03 end

Nooo! No more PF. Oh well, shall have to look forward to - Artifaxis, was it? Oh and - slightly poor /Rin for not getting /Yozhik (and we like her), and partially not, because /Yozhik and /Megaera are cute too. And no-one's surprised that /Rin's being asked something by the President. Thanks for the stories, SunKitten! --CH
I think the cup of tea means that /Rin is finally getting some FuzzyHugs?.  Which is a bit out of the blue, but everyone gets a happy ending.  And the final photo is lubbly (and how did you get onto that lawn to take the photo without it being filled with people?  UrbanOrienteering? isn't meant ot be admitted that way :)  I do have to ask though, was the flash quite that blinding?  Because nary a one of them has a pupil in it :) --Vitenka
No flashbulbs in PF world. (Well, not portable ones, anyway. Anyone in Cam interested in what a non-portable flashbulb might look like can come see mine; or maybe SunKitten can take a photo if she's bothered enough). They burn magnesium flash powder instead. Guess they used a little much :)  -MoonShadow
Loveliness, slightly abrupt closure but we knew it was coming and a nice story.  And we get more comicry soon!  Yay!  --Vitenka

hmm, is it just me or could that last bit have been some kind of hook? It looks like there's still enough plot elements for another series... (Yes I realise I'm probably kidding myself. Allow me my delusions please) - CorkScrew

"The Continued Adventures of Rin Trevellyn"? --K
I feel mischevious today (so what else is new) and so point out that this being a wiki, TheContinuingAdventuresOf/RinTrevellyn? just begs to be filled up by eager FanClub? members...  --Vitenka
[puts hand up] baggsies member no1! macloud

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