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[Log data] on what searches people have been coming to toothycat.net from in the last few days.

This page is increasingly becoming a misnomer as MoonShadow teaches the script to recognise more search engines...

That does make for some interesting reading in places doesn't it :)
- Kazuhiko (who is excessively proud of the fact that doing a search for 'princessmaker' on google.co.jp gives his homepage as the 9th result...)

Weirdest search logged so far:

Whoa.  That's pretty good.  Can I suggest linking which wiki page such searches turn up, so that you don't immediately get a second copy?  ;)
Sure. Except that one didn't hit a wiki page - it hit the Boy and the Darkness, [chapter 1-7]. - MoonShadow, who can just imagine the mindset.. "<high-pitched squeaky voice>Oh, I'd like some pretty pictures of kittens</high-pitched squeaky voice> <deep booming voice>AS I WALK THROUGH THE VALLEY OF DARKNESS</deep booming voice>"
A more mundane suggestion would be that they went searching for the second piece, not having noticed their more saintly younger sister had left 'kitten pictures' in there.  Then they clicked, wondering who on earth would actually have such a page.  Or maybe it was searching for a 'war kitty' type image.
PeterTaylor hypothesises it was someone looking for a poster they had seen / they thought someone must have created by now.
That'll be it. It'll be someone looking for one of those posters of cute kittens/puppies/ducklings/whatever that have a bible verse on them - SunKitten
Yes, but a kitten walking through the valley of death?  I mean 'hang in there kitty' it aint.  --Vitenka (Google finds a scary number of sites with text along those lines, though)

I wonder if there's a whole suite of people out there who use google to find wiki sites?  It's the only explanation I can thing of for all of those perfect matches on 'skiesofarcadia' for example.  --Vitenka
To add - I have now started doing this.  Missing out the spaces drives away all of the pointless "Buy our stuff - oh sorry, out of stock" pages, and does seem to increase hte information density.

Now, does anyone know how to get the google API to report on what (or at least how many) keywords put a site (this one) to the top of the rankings?  Because it is a disturbingly high number... --Vitenka

Latest batch, scraped by ChrisHowlett 'cos he was bored.
I'm personally somewhat disturbed by the search for "man in pink tutu", though unsurprised it landed here... - MoonShadow

PeterTaylor was rather disturbed to see that not only did 'woking melon puke' hit PeterTaylor/STEPQuotes, but it's the first hit for that search on Google. StuartFraser is the third Google hit for '"mediocre assassin"'. Why was anyone looking for mediocre assassins?
Maybe they simply wanted to shock the intended target rather than killing them. --Angoel


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