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A leaf in search of a tree.
As in LeafPage?
Would it be a good idea it people made a particular point of signing their entries on the linked pages?
Maybe this page should have a * system (one * or ! for each +'ve or -'ve review?) but I'm not sure how that should work.

I suggest bulleted lists, with a CamFAQ style notation  like "++-" or "2+ 1-" (for two positive and one negative)after the name. --AlexChurchill
Sounds reasonable. --DR
Is there any reason why we shouldn't just merge it with the cammisc wiki?  Having to cross reference two lots of opinions is painful, and I always think to check cammisc first - Sally
Well, sure, I guess, except you're not supposed to post *any* content on the cammisc wiki unless it's been posted to cam.* and generally accepted as not being spam first - I've asked Paul about that before. - MoonShadow

todo for whoever is bored next: insert links to pages in CategoryEatingPlace and CategoryPub below so people can rate them (and so we don't duplicate work already done).

Are there any geographic versions of something like [rapleaf] ?

   * [2+] /ArburyCourtBikeShop? (will reify when I check I've got the name right)
NB - This shop has recently (2/6/05 - WikiNow) moved to Green End Road :(  --MJ, who now has to go much further to fix his bike
Update 8/6/07 - there is now a new bike shop in Arbury Court.  Don't know enough about it to give any recommends though. --MJ
Rachael recommends the new one in Arbury Court - John's Bike's (sic). He repairs bikes better than he punctuates.
I've now seen this shop open!  First time ever!  --Vitenka
PWF would not go back to John's. He repaired a gear cable by replacing it with a brake cable. The guy* who fixed it was not impressed.
* Newdales in Saffron Walden. Very good, but not exactly convenient unless you work on the Genome campus.

''Can anyone recommend a bike repair shop within 10 minutes walk of the SciencePark? (Or one which opens at 08:00 or closes at 19:00) --PT
Green End road has one.  Turn left at the Co-Op (or go straight if you came from the back entrance to the science park) and continue past the small park.  It's on your left.  It's probably slightly more than ten minutes walk, depending upon how fast you can get to the golden hind.  --Vitenka

And this lovely cheap bike shop is now closed down.  I was one of his last customers, yesterday.  Possibly related, his repair fell apart again, today.  --Vitenka

Can anyone recommend one...? --Rachael
Our company used TitBits? for the Christmas meal.  The food was good and the service friendly, but I have no idea about the price.  I can't find a website for them but my boss has given me their card, which says "Call Trevor on 01440 703878". --SGB
The question was originally for our wedding. In the end we used Chef Catering. They weren't very good at administrative things like accuracy of documents, but the food was very good. --Rachael

   * [1+] /CaldecoteCosyCattery

   * [+1] /Dunelm

   * [2-] Haart
  * [1-] Januarys
  * [2+] TuckerGardner?
  * [+-] Tylers?
  * [----------] Connells?
DR asks if anyone has had a positive experience with any Cambridge estate agent?  I need to find a good one.
Tylers aren't bad. They haven't actually sold our flat yet, but they've seemed competent and professional in their dealings with us. --Rachael
Pocock and Shaw weren't bad at all, seven years ago, from a buyer's perspective. YMMV --Admiral
PsychoBabe says Tucker Gardner are good. --Rachael
Yes, all 10 negatives for Connells are from me. Seriously avoid avoid avoid! (If at all possible). TuckerGardner? were surprisingly really good. --qqzm

FOOD (see also CategoryEatingPlace)
   * [1+] /TheFlyingWok (Chinese delivery)
Are they the same people as TheFlyingTandoori? Because TheFlyingTandoori are terrible and I highly disrecommend them. What about TheFlyingPizza? - is that related? --Rachael
I don't know if they are the same company.  The Flying Wok is based at 22 Cheddars Lane, while The Flying Tandoori is based at 44 Station Road. I do know that the food quality of the Flying Wok has deteriorated over the last 3 years. --DR
   * [1-] TheFlyingTandoori
  * [1+] /GoldenCity
  * [2+] TasteOfCambridge
  * [2+] /Renus
  * [1+] BengalDiner

   * [1+] /BettysHairDesign

   * [1+] /DrSelmaMalik (GP)
  * [1+] /DavidWMurphy (Opticians)

PUBS & RESTAURANTS (see also CategoryPub and CategoryEatingPlace)
   * [2+] /TheGreenMan
  * [1-] /BarHaHa
  * [1+] /TheWillowTree

   * [1-] /CoulsonBuildingGroup (Builders)
  * [1+] /CharlesLee (Builders)
  * [1+] /JasonShinn (Plumber)
  * [3+] /ComptonAndParkinson (Plumbers)
  * [1-] /AlisAerials (Aerial Installers)
  * [2+] /MassuccoButtress (Conveyancing)
  * [1+] /SimonBye (Electrician)
  * [1-] /The? Dry Cleaners on Chesterton High St (name forgotten).  Deposit-critical curtains were returned late, still stained and minus their hooks. --MJ
  * [1+] /MickMerry (Plumber)
  * [1-1+] ChestertonCarpets
  * [1+] /CarpetMill
  * [2+] /WellSolved (handyman, property maintenance, small building jobs)
  * [1-] /MJElectrical (Electrical and Plumbing). Dishonest with respect to charging, resulting in a bill 80% higher than quote for expected level of work --LouiseReay
  * [1+] /PhilTheVan (home removals, collections and deliveries, house and garage clearances, garden waste removal, any jobs large or small local and long distance)

   * [1+] /Deloitte (Accountants)
  * [1+] /Copleys

Tips Cambridge - see also CategoryShopping

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