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This is a great CambridgeTradition?, of which i can only scrape the surface here - contributions please!
The tradition basically consists of coming up with odd names for Everything. A time-honoured method is to use a name that lost its relevance decades ago.
A list of examples is probably best.

BedMakers - Don't. -- tjm: John's' do... -- Bobacus: I thought they were called Bedders, but I'm sure that most of them don't "bed" you either :-)
The job title tends to be Bedmaker, but this varies from college to college. I have a scary letter from the Dean? of CaiusCollege complaining about one of their BedMakers being alarmed by an imitation bomb, somewhere. (I deny any connection between this and the AssassinsGuild). -- TheInquisitor
Someone in my year was Bowketted (Christ's equivalent of Deaning) for reporting in the maintenance book that 'My Bedder isn't working' -- Mjb67
At Caius they are "bedders", and they do. Make the bed, that is. -- Xarak
*IndignantSound* They never did in my day! --Admiral
Well, they've done so a few times this term... -- Xarak
At ChurchillCollege, the bedders only make the beds for conference guests. --Requiem


CindiesNightClub? - known as Cindies across all of space and the last couple of decades of time it seems, despite being renamed several times since it was called Cinderella's, as Fifth Avenue for instance. I believe it's finally given in and changed its name back now...


GoingDown? - going home at the end of term ; for most of the country, going up.
Or indeed something quite different which I'm sure Google will explain if need be (-;   - DI

MayBall - huge all-night party / indulgence of decadence, taking place in the third week of June.  The only one which actually resembles a ball is that held by the CambridgeDancersClub.
That's not entirely fair on StJohnsCollege's, who do have a tent set aside for ballroom.

MayWeek - third week in June...
It's more like ten days, actually --Admiral
NotToBeConfusedWith Mays Week, the second week in June (in which the May Bumps take place) --Requiem

Plodge - Spawning ground for Porters (qv). While they glow you can expect an endless stream of Porters to materialise and attack anyone causing a disturbance. (Not to be confused with enemy generators in Descent?.)
(PeterTaylor) Most of the time. The one time I actually portered someone (night before my graduation, about 00:30, fed up with people playing cricket quite loudly on the grass of TrinityCollege/GreatCourt?, I was told by a porter that he needed to wait until his colleague got back from locking some gates before he could confiscate their ball. Couldn't leave the Plodge unguarded, you see.
SentDown? - like GoingDown?, but involuntary and permanent.

Porters - carry nothing
Bobacus: you mean they don't carry your luggage. They do however carry the internal mail, and are generally useful people combining the roles of security guard, receptionist, switchboard operator, telecoms operator and post office.
Porters carry nothing because the name refers to their status as Keepers of the Doors... ChrisHowlett

VanOfDeath? - my favourite KebabVan?, in another corner of MarketSquare! Oddly enough, it doesn't wear its name proudly...
It was always called the DeathVan? in my day.
Has now acquired a big sign saying Night Life Van, evidently trying to lose the "death" association, and evidently unaware of how much student trade that nickname brings it.

VanOfLife? - a much-favoured KebabVan? in a corner of MarketSquare. Does veggie i think and nice chips. It's labelled the "Trailer of Life" on the side, tho I suspect this is after the student nickname.

See also CambridgeLife, [Institute for Naming Children Humanely]

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