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The "OS Girls" or "OS-tan's" are a meme (read WebBasedFad?) that's popular with certain geeky Japanese on the net, and has thus become popular with certain English-language geeks who like Japanese things. The idea seems to have been originally that people draw an anime-style girl for each OS, looking however they imagine the OS would look if personified. However, a consensus emerged for most of them, and the Win32 ones in particular have become quite well-established and are cropping up in random places across the Net... like the HomeMadeMagicCards page on ToothyWiki! See also [strip 467] of WebComics/StrangeCandy.

They have certain common quirks, most notably wearing a ribbon in their hair shaped like their particular flavour of Windows. Both WinXP Home and WinXP Professional usually dress in [blue and silver], but [WinXP Professional] wears glasses because she's a secretary :) Windows 2000 and ME both ended up as maids, ME [accident-prone] and 2K just [fearsome]. Here's a popular [desktop of all the Windows girls], from a [page of many such]. Meanwhile MacOS? is an evil little girl with [two personalities]. [Linux played by Chiyo-chan] (from AzumangaDaioh) deserves special mention.

I'm getting uninspiring error messages for all except the last of those links -- Senji
Yes, sorry. The images are AFAIK still there, but don't support direct linking unless your browser already has them cached. The text above needs a MaintainMe: we could either find different images, mirror the images somewhere local, or delete the image links. In the meantime, the [Wikipedia page] on the subject or the [main OS girls site] are what you should consult. --AlexChurchill

The main site is in Japanese and may be found at http://nijiura-os.hp.infoseek.co.jp/ .

Oh, and much like AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs, this hammer is being applied to anything that remotely resembles a nail. The [group illustrations page] has hundreds of references, including [1]FruitsBasket, [2]DigiCharat, lots of [fighting games], [3]ScrappedPrincess, [4]GunslingerGirl, [5]PowerpuffGirls?, [6]NaruTaru, and more. Much too much more.

See also the [flash movie] (some of which appears to be clickable) and the collection of [Mozilla] girls.

Ha ha!... This is interesting... I can't belive people do this! ^^;; ... If I was to draw my OS it'd look like those pachuu things on excel saga when they die! ^_^;; --Denji

Having just installed FireFox and ThunderBird on my laptop (clean install from scratch of Windows) it suddenly occured to me that I was wearing a tee-shirt with the [pair already on it]...  Although I kind of doubt SunKitten intended it that way :)  Especially as she drew them at least a year in advance of the software release.  (Yes, I know she's a cat, not a fox, but the pairing was too close ^^) --K

A cosplayer in an OS-girl costume (Win2k, I believe - is that right?). Taken at Ayacon '05, posted with permission.
Yup, that's Win2k-tan. --AC

[The RPG]


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