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HappyNewYear, we all deserve a better one.  --DouglasReay, LouiseReay, Mark Reay & Jennifer Reay
HappyNewYear! --MoonShadow and SunKitten


HappyNewYear, everybody! --AlexChurchill
HappyNewYear! --MoonShadow and SunKitten


HappyNewYear everyone ^_^ --RobHu
HappyNewYear to all the ToothyWikizens and everyone else reading this --AlexChurchill (and pp Rachael and BethanyChurchill)
HappyNewYear! --MoonShadow & SunKitten


HappyNewYear, ToothyWikizens one and all! --Alex? and Rachael
HappyNewYear :D - SunKitten
FelizA?ñoNuevo --PT


Happy New Year [of the bobtail rat]! - MoonShadow
HappyNewYear, indeed! --M-A & Nat


Happy New Year! --M-A, getting in an hour early...
Seconded, but the first actually in 2007 --Nat
HappyNewYear one and all! --AlexChurchill and Rachael, at 00:04 and impressed at being beaten to it
HappyNewYear to everyone, from Carol, DDD, RobHu, Nagi, Steve, Oneiros, MoonShadow, Edwin, Kazuhiko, Nataku, Tsunami, PeterTaylor and SunKitten!
Happy New Year from Canada, EST.  Maybe I'll actually have time to take part in the wiki once I've moved out. --Ultros


Happy New Year to all! - MoonShadow

Happy New Year everybody --StuartFraser
Happy New Year! :) - SunKitten
Bah!  Curse you British people for getting to celebrate stuff hours ahead of me!  This is almost as bad as the time I crossed the InternationalDateLine at midnight and completely missed my birthday. --Ultros
There we go.  Happy New Year.  Finally.  --Ultros
Welcome to the year of the Dog woof woof. Happy new year --Hoshi-Chan
Bit early, aren't you? --CH
Happy New Year ^_^ --Edith
HappyNewYear, everybody! (Did the ToothyWiki forget seasonal events entirely last year? Both MerryChristmas and this page being devoid of winter-04 comments...) --AlexChurchill
2004 got disqualified for bad sportsmanship, didn't anyone tell you? ;) --hoshi-chan
HappyNewYear, belatedly --ChrisHowlett


I can't believe I'm the first person here... and it's not even New Year here yet :)
That's probably why you're the first person here... --SF

Happy New Year to all in England :)  --Kazuhiko
StuartFraser seconds this and wishes a HappyNewYear to all those elsewhere as well, and deuce take the time zones!

HappyNewYear all.  --Vitenka
Weren't you supposed to be away from a computer until after NewYear??
Got back early.  --Vitenka

Happy New Year. --DouglasReay (And by the way, I think I left my camera at your house, can I pick it up next Wednesday?)
Yes, you did, assuming it's the one on top of the old laptop; and yes, it can happily stay there until next Wednesday. - MoonShadow

HappyNewYear, vaguely belatedly. --Requiem

HappyNewYear. --PeterTaylor, who overslept rather.

HappyNewYear, not very belatedly in US time...  --AlexChurchill

HappyNewYear, distinctly but characteristically belatedly --MJ.  Btw, will coffee be happening tomorrow?  (I have to keep reminding myself it isn't Monday today...)

HappyNewYear, now that I have returned from the even frozener even norther. --ChrisHowlett

HappyNewYear, now I have also returned --Edith

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