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Archived results from NetQuizzes

[Which Mythological Form Are You?]

Kazuhiko and MoonShadow are Dragon: The Weaver...
You are Form 5, 'Dragon;': The Weaver. [(image)] "And The Dragon seperated the virtuous from the sinful. He tore his eyes from his sockets and used them to peer into the souls of those on trial to make a judgement. He knew that with endless knowledge came endless responsibility." Some examples of the Dragon Form are Athena (Greek), St. Peter (Christian), and Surya (Indian). The Dragon is associated with the concept of intelligence, the number 5, and the element of wood. His sign is the crescent moon. As a member of Form 5, you are an intelligent and wise individual. You weigh options by looking at how logical they are and you know that while there may not always be a right or wrong choice, there is always a logical one. People may say you are too indecisive, but it's only because you want to do what's right. Dragons are the best friends to have because they're willing to learn.

... I'm form 1, creator, but after complaining about the length of the URL it gave and pasting it in here I discovered that it not only wrecked the results page it destroyed this page.  --Vitenka
LOL  Some creator you are :) --Kazuhiko
NickTaylor is also the Creator, and disagrees with almost every aspect of that description.

AlexChurchill is Form 3, Unicorn; that is, The Innocent:[image]
"And The Unicorn knew she wasn't meant to go into the Dark Wood.  Disregarding the advice given to her by the spirits, Unicorn went inside and bled silver blood..  For her misdeed, the world knew evil."  Some examples of the Unicorn Form are Eve (Christian) and Pandora (Greek). The Unicorn is associated with the concept of innocence, the number 3, and the element of water.  Her sign is the twilight sun.
As a member of Form 3, you are a curious individual.  You are drawn to new things and become fascinated with ideas you've never come in contact with before.  Some people may say you are too nosey, but it's only because you like getting to the bottom of things and solving them.  Unicorns are the best friends to have because they are inquisitive.
Not too sure about the Eve / trespassing references ^^;; but I like the curiosity and the twilight sun.  I wouldn't have thought of myself as water-elemental, though.
*uses Alex to make himself a cup of tea*  All the initial quotes seem a little scary but the last section describing you is quite interesting... --K
Yes, it is.  Unfortunately, however, this quiz demonstrates itself to follow the best HoroScope? tradition, in that I identify almost fully with all three such sections posted here, and probably would with the Creator one as well.  The description's like a mirror: everyone sees themself in it.  --AC

SunKitten is a phoenix.. How cool is that?

Highlyhighly cool!! Congratulations! :D --AC
You are Form 0, Phoenix: The Eternal.

And The Phoenix's cycle had reached zenith, so he consumed himself in fire.  He emerged from his own ashes, to be forever immortal. Some examples of the Phoenix Form are Quetzalcoatl (Aztec), Shiva (Indian), and Ra-Atum (Egyptian). The Phoenix is associated with the concept of life, the number 0, and the element of fire. His sign is the eclipsed sun. As a member of Form 0, you are a determined individual.  You tend to keep your sense of optimism, even through tough times and have a positive outlook on most situations.  You have a way of looking at going through life as a journey that you can constantly learn from. Phoenixes are the best friends to have because they cheer people up easily.

I am also a Phoenix, I am pleased. -ColinLeung (always thought Phoenix's the best mythological creature)
FlameRider is also a Poenix, althpugh I'm pretty sure that the first time I took this I was a vampire.  Oh well...

Wait, I spot a recurring theme.  As we all know, phoenix is the most important attribute...  --Vitenka  (This page is getting too long...)

StuartFraser is an Angel:

You are Form 2, Angel: The Pure. [Image]
"And The Angel rose as holy protector for all that was created. She fought with honor and valor to serve the good of the world. But the coming of the mankind was her downfall; and end to purity." Some examples of the Angel Form are Michael (Christian) and Hercules (Greek). The Angel is associated with the concept of virtue, the number 2, and the element of wind. Her sign is the zenith sun. As a member of Form 2, you are a person of your word. You generally keep your promises and give everything you do your best. Although some people see you as overbearing sometimes, you know that you have to stay true to yourself and do what's right. Angels are the best friends to have because they are brutally honest.

["" MikeJeggo:] You are Form 0, Phoenix: The Eternal.

"And The Phoenix's cycle had reached
zenith, so he consumed himself in fire.  He emerged from his own ashes, to be forever immortal."

Some examples of the Phoenix Form are Quetzalcoatl (Aztec), Shiva (Indian), and Ra-Atum (Egyptian).
The Phoenix is associated with the concept of life, the number 0, and the element of fire.
His sign is the eclipsed sun.

As a member of Form 0, you are a determined individual.  You tend to keep your sense of optimism, even through tough times and have a positive outlook on most situations.  You have a way of looking at going through life as a
journey that you can constantly learn from. Phoenixes are the best friends to have because they cheer people up easily.

Admiral is a vampire. Hmm:

You are Form 9, Vampire: The Undying. "And The Vampire was all that remained on the blood drowned creation. She attempted to regrow life from the dead. But as she was about to give the breath of life, she was consumed in the flame of The Phoenix and the cycle began again." Some examples of the Vampire Form are Hades (Greek) and Isis (Egyptian). The Vampire is associated with the concept of death, the number 9, and the element of fire. Her sign is the eclipsed moon. As a member of Form 9, you are a very realistic individual. You may be a little idealistic, but you are very grounded and down to earth. You realize that not everything lasts, but you savor every minute of the good times. While you may sometimes find yourself lonely, you have strong ties with people that will never be broken. Vampires are the best friends to have because they are sensible.

MoonShadow is the [Perfect Girlfriend], [allegedly].
As is AlexChurchill. If he wasn't Perfect, he'd be [Sensitive]. I guess we're just too soppy...
Kazuhiko is also the Perfect Girlfriend...  This is making the 'rare' part seem a bit out of place and somehow I can't see any of us cheating to get a better score at this one :)
I'm perfect too :) and at least I'm actually female, which is one more than the rest of you ^^;; - SunKitten
MoonShadow suspects it's written by someone quite young who sees not watching Pokemon as a big sacrifice.
PeterTaylor (also perfect) observes that the text says (slightly amended) "you can hang out with a group of lads and be silly. You don't care about presents or about going to fancy places". Most males probably get "perfect".

-Perfect- You're the perfect girlfriend. Which means you're rare or that you cheated :P You're the kind of chick that can hang out with your boyfriend's friends and be silly. You don't care about presents or about going to fancy places. Hell, just hang out. You're just happy being around your boyfriend.

You'd think that "Are you female?" would be kinda an obvious question to ask in there...  --Vitenka
Well, not really, given that it's the "What Girlfriend Are You" quiz.  What amuses me is that I didn't even consider that whole not-being-female aspect particularly much. I'm kinda used with NetQuizzes of having to make large assumptions before answering each question. "Okay, so suppose all these prerequisites applied to me, now which of these answers would I choose?"  --AC

MikeJeggo follows a certain trend here...
M-A got Object not found! several times, but then managed to also get -Perfect-.
Guess what? -- Senji
I must say though, it's probably more impressive for M-A than for the rest of us, as she is actually female, whereas the rest of us are men, probably of similar mindset to whoever wrote this, which would tend perhaps to bias us all to the 'perfection' that the writer envisages.  Congratulations, M-A.  And indeed to Nat :) --MJ
*cough*  I think you might want to include SunKitten in that statement Mike, unless you like pain?  She might set a Nagi on you... :) --Kazuhiko
Mmm... could be... But TBH, I suspect it's more that the choices are pretty coarse. Look at the other options for most of the answers, and it does start seeming like the reason is more that we're about 10 years older than the intended audience... looking at the answers, there are very few people amongst my friends who wouldn't answer substantially similarly to me, I suspect... --AC
Meep!  I didn't notice she'd answered!  Waah! *RunAndHide*.  Far, far away... --MJ

I mention this one not particularly to collect people's responses but more because I found a couple of the questions/answers quite amusing...
[Which usage of the word #### are you?]
Do I really need to mention here that it is possible this quiz might offend? --K

[The Country Quiz]

Kazuhiko, MikeJeggo, and Admiral are that well known nation, the UN:
Most people think you're ineffective, but you are trying to completely save the world from itself, so there's always going to be a long way to go.  You're always the one trying to get friends to talk to each other, enemies to talk to each other, anyone who can to just talk instead of beating each other about the head and torso.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, and you get very schizophrenic as a result.  But your heart is in the right place, and sometimes also in New York.

PeterTaylor is Spain:
"You like rain on the plain, as well as interesting architecture and  a diverse number of races and religions.  You like to explore a lot, but sailing,  especially in large groups, never really seems to work out for you.  Beware of pirates  and dictators bearing bombs.  And for heavens' sake, stop running around bulls!  It's just not safe!"

AlanLawrence and Senji are South Africa:
After almost endless suffering, you've finally freed yourself from the oppression that somehow held you back.  Now your diamond in the rough is shining through, and the world can accept you for who you really are.  You were trying to show who you were to the world, but they weren't interested in helping you become that until it was almost too late.  Suddenly you're a very hopeful person, even if you still have some troubles.

SunKitten is Canada:
People make fun of you a lot, but they're stupid because you've got a much better life than they do.  In fact, they're probably just jealous.  You believe in crazy things like human rights and health care and not dying in the streets, and you end up securing these rights for yourself and others.  If it weren't for your weird affection for ice hockey, you'd be the perfect person.

AlexChurchill, worryingly, is unambiguously and definitely[Vatican City]:
You're pretty sure that you're infallible in all that you do or say, and it's hard to say whether you're right.  You have a lot of followers, most of whom will do whatever you say without question, or line up to see you ride around in your spiffy car.  Religious and reserved, you have some wisdom, but also a bit much contempt for everyone around you.  You're also fabulously wealthy, no matter what you say to the contrary.

NickTaylor is Poland:
People tend to think you're stupid and you were probably voted Least Likely to Succeed by your high school class.  These people are mostly stupid themselves, and are just judging their opinion of you on your ability to defend yourself, which is admittedly pretty poor.  But there's lots more to life than defending yourself from being picked on and pulled apart!  There's labor unions to join and holiness to produce!  You'll survive yet!

Jumlian is (for totally unfathomable reasons) Columbia:
You do a lot of drugs, and these have kind of distorted your view of reality, to the point that everyone looks like an enemy.  You keep trying to restore order over your schizophrenic world view, but you don't even know which goal is your own and which is someone else's.  You're pretty sure someone needs to be punished for all this, but who that is changes all the time.  Things would be a lot better for you if you switched to coffee, or even to decaf, but all this money would be hard to give up.

[The Sorting Hat Online]

AlexChurchill initially expected to come out Ravenclaw.  Then after seeing his answers to the questions, suspected he would be a Hufflepuff.  But the Sorting Hat placed AlexChurchill in... 

Likewise Peter. He also took the first year exam, getting 80% (which is a C - how stingy can one get?)
Also qqzm.  And M-A and Nat.

Unsurprisingly Senji ended up in...

SunKitten did too.

MikeJeggo was flattered to be accepted into...

...MoonShadow ended up in there too, for some reason (not at all what he expected from his answers..)

[Which Greek god are you?]

MoonShadow is [Hecate]:
"You are most like the Greek god Hecate, of dark magic. Mysterious and intellectual, you have a good understanding of the world around you. You never just go along with things, and always do what you want to do - which isn't always the right thing - but nevermind! (..)

NickTaylor is [Athena]:
"You are like the Greek God Athena, of Education.  You're seen as sophisticated, smart, and a really down to earth person.  Easy to get along with, easy to understand - and with great prospects.  You do well in what you enjoy, and often excel in most things academic."

I'm not sure I really agree with their description of Athena, though.
PeterTaylor is also Athena.
Likewise -- Senji
Me too --Admiral

StuartFraser is [Apollo]:
"You are most like the Greek gof Apollo, of the sun. Warm, and reliable. You're there for who needs you day-in, day-out no matter what. Trustworthy, loyal and positive, you're a good person to have in a crisis."

SunKitten is [Morpheus]:
You're like the Greek God Morpheus, of dreams. Believing there is something bigger out there, and often lost in thought. You're imaginative, and smart - not akways a leader, but usually the one who came up with the plan. You often ask, What if... and long to get out of the darkness and through the window.
I like that :) It doesn't sound much like Morpheus of the Sandman, for which I am profoundly thankful...
AlexChurchill is also Morpheus.

Kazuhiko is [Aphrodite / Eros]:
You are like the Greek God or Goddess of Love.  You firmly believe in soulmates, in caring for each other - and ultimately staying true to your life partner.  You've either found, or are looking for "The One" for you.  Romantic, kind, generous and always loving - you have a beauty that is inexplicable both inside and out.
Umm.  Err.  OK ^^;;  I do like the line about my 'beauty' being inexplicable...  Now there's a veiled insult if ever I heard one :) --K

[*~*~*Claim Your Wings - Pics and Long Answers*~*~*] is the actual name of this quiz, and she's not joking about the long answers.
AlexChurchill was told: 
[(pretty image)]
You are a PHOENIX in your soul and your  wings make a statement. Huge and born of flame, they burn with light and power and rebirth. Ashes fall from your wingtips. You are an amazingly strong person. You survive, even flourish in adversity and hardship. A firm believer in the phrase, 'Whatever doesn't kill you only makes you stronger,' you rarely fear failure. You know that any mistake you make will teach you more about yourself and allow you to 'rise from the ashes' as a still greater being. Because of this, you rarely make the same mistake twice, and are not among the most forgiving people. [...snip...] You are eternal and because you have a strong sense of who and what you are, no one can control your heart or mind, or even really influence your thinking. A symbol of rebirth and renewal, you tend to be a very spiritual person with a serious mind - never acting immature and harboring a superior disgust of those who do. Likewise, humanity's stupidity and tendency to want others to solve their problems for them frustrates you endlessly. Though you can be stubborn, outspoken, and haughty, I admire you greatly.
''Not 100% accurate, but not bad.
Kazuhiko is also Phoenix based...

ChrisHowlett gets:
[very pretty image]
You are one of the few out there whose wings are truly ANGELIC. Selfless, powerful, and divine, you are one blessed with a certain cosmic grace. You are unequalled in peacefulness, love, and beauty. As a Being of Light your wings are massive and a soft white or silver. Countless feathers grace them and radiate the light within you for all the world to see. You are a defender, protector, and caretaker. Comforter of the weak and forgiver of the wrong, chances are you are taken advantage of once in awhile, maybe quite often. But your innocence and wisdom sees the good in everyone and so this mistreatment does not make you colder. Merciful to the extreme, you will try to help misguided souls find themselves and peace. However not all Angelics allow themselves to be gotten the better of - the Seraphim for example will be driven to fighting for the sake of Justice and protection of those less powerful. Congratulations - and don't ever change - the world needs more people like you.
Requiem, Chel, M-A, SF (who notes that since he is already an angel (see above), this is no surprise), SunKitten and MoonShadow too.

Despite being dissapointed there were no answers 'all of those lyrics are pretentious goth crap' or 'Love = only true in fairy tales (dum, de dum)', ChiarkPerson gets:
[the piccie]  Your wings are DRAGON wings. Massive and covered in scales, they shimmer with strength and magic. They are the most obvious display of your power - though it runs equally throughout your heart and mind. You are uncompromising and grave, with a profound sense of justice. You have firm ideas about what is right and what is wrong and set out to fix what problems you can. You realize that you are more capable of dealing with life and evil than most, and as such you see it as your responsibility to protect those who cannot defend themselves. You have existed since antiquity and as such you are wise far beyond your years in this lifetime. While you strive for fairness and peace, if someone should steal from your cave of treasure (though not all that glitters is gold) or compromise the happiness of you or one who is close to you - they have signed their death warrant. You have a mighty vengeance and will unleash it upon such people immediately and mercilessly. Arguing with you is useless...you rarely back down and are known for holding firm in your beliefs. Sometimes you feel intensely burdened with the troubles of others...acting as a Guardian can get so wearisome. But you never give up...you see it as your life's mission. Often very introverted, you can be so smart...it's scary. Such a combination of intelligence, creativity, power, beauty, and magic is often intimidating to those around you - who are also unlikely to understand you. Arrogant, proud, overserious, and sometimes a bit greedy or obsessed with whatever treasure you choose to pursue...you have enchanted people for centuries, and will continue to do so.

Admiral appears to be broken:

Your wings are BROKEN and tattered. You are an angelic spirit who has fallen from grace for one reason or another - possibly, you made one tragic mistake that cost you everything. Or maybe you were blamed for a crime you didn't commit. In any case, you are faithless and joyless. You find no happiness, love, or acceptance in your love or in yourself. Most days are a burden and you wonder when the hurting will end. Sweet, beautiful and sorrowful, you paint a tragic and touching picture. You are the one that few understand. Those that do know you are likely to love you deeply and wish that they could do something to ease your pain. You are constantly living in memories of better times and a better world. You are hard on yourself and self-critical or self-loathing. Feeling rejected and unloved, you are sensitive, caring, deep, and despite your tainted nature, your soul is breathtakingly beautiful.
GothAngel?!  :)  --Vitenka

[What druid animal are you?]

Kazuhiko is an [Air Dragon]...
Inspiring is what you are, Air Dragon, with insight and vitality to spare. You are a bolt of lightning to the psyche, a freshness for the intellect, and someone who needs to be treated with respect. Use your insight wisely, and you shall be rewarded, for you are the Messenger of the Sky God.
AlexChurchill is also an Air Dragon.  Unsurprising, really - by almost every concept of the four classical elements I'm about 90% air-aligned.

SunKitten is a [Fire Dragon], which could have been selected solely on the choice of which element I preferred >.<
There are non-Dragons amongst the results and I actually picked Earth and got an Air Dragon so it's more likely that this is just reflecting your Lina-like personality :) :) --K
Fire Dragon, you have an immense ability to overcome obstacles and the energy needed to cope with life's problems. Perhaps that is why you have been given so much to deal with. Your qualities of leadership and mastery fuel your inner fire. This can be directed to help you accomplish your tasks at hand. Be careful not to repress your energy. It turns either to anger or to depression.

Admiral is apparently a bear:

You are a Bear, intuitive and protective - the symbol for our Mother Earth. The importance of your role in life has long been underestimated. You are a mighty warrior, with an instinct that is unparalleled. Winter solstice will be your time. Embrace your power and marry it with your instinct. You cannot lose!

Requiem took the 'What "What X Are You? Quiz" Quiz are you? Quiz'

And got:

You are:


for wasting a few precious, precious minutes of your life completing this asinine quiz, minutes which could have been spent painting a masterpiece, healing a wounded soldier, or picking flowers to make an attractive and colourful arrangement for your sweetheart.

He thought it was funny, anyway.

The [CynicQuiz].

MikeJeggo got:"You're really only a second-rate cynic.  Actually, you aren't cynical as much as world-weary, and sometimes you have a point.  One thing, though - laughing at children isn't nice.".  This is disturbing because a) it makes me sound as though I'm about forty and b) I didn't answer the question about laughing at children that way...

M-A: "Aren't you a sweetie? You are barely capable of a cynical thought.  In fact, you need to develop your sceptical side - a healthy dose of cynicism is no bad thing."  And this as a followup quiz to an article about how bad cynicism is for our society - can they not see the irony?
PeterTaylor got the same, although he does consider himself pretty cynical, especially where politicians are concerned. Maybe it's because he matched most of the general hypotheticals up to real events. And he does have a lot of respect for the Beckhams - this country needs some role-models of marriage.

Vitenka: Well, I for one, don't trust the results of this quiz to be either important or accurate.  :)
*pretend sulk* Well I trust it... just as much as I trust all the other quizzes on this page! ;) --MJ
That's ok, you're not a real person anyway.  --Vitenka

Senji: "You're a top grade cynic - in fact you've turned cynicism into an art form.  You greet almost every piece of news with sneering contempt.  Loosen up a bit."  No comment.


I am a NINJA!

So is AlexChurchill, who wonders if there is a common root to the names of this quiz and of [Captain T-Zom Hong, the Zombie Pirate Ninja Robot].

Have we had [Which Irrational number are you?] yet?  ... The site is named ShinyLemur?.  I am bemused.  --Vitenka
AlexChurchill is φ:
Of all the irrational numbers, you are considered to be the most beautiful. Those who know you well have called you by many names, all golden. However, most people don't know you by name and probably won't even recognize you by sight, but they do like to see you. Despite your pretty face, you are by no means shallow. You are involved it many things: finance, biology, architecture, art, music, and much more. In some ways you and e are a nearly perfect match. The power and intensity of e excites you.  Your lucky number is approximately 1.61803399...
They've got me dead on there, although I'm not sure about "most people don't call me by name".

MikeJeggo got:
You are π!  Of all the irrational numbers, you are the most famous. You have many friends and fans. Like many people, non-Euclidean geometry makes you feel uncomfortable. You are involved in so many things that it seems like it would take two of you to make ends meet.  You are particularly close to the rational number 22/7. However, you and e have been called "remarkable."  Your lucky number is approximately 3.14159265

Admiral is √2:
You are √2. You are in good company, many other square roots are also irrational numbers. Just by being a square root you have been branded a radical. You are considered very attractive, especially by Europeans (at least on paper). You fear that a relationship with another √2 may somehow end up complex and ultimately imaginary. In reality, only another √2 will make you whole. Your lucky number is approximately 1.41421356

M-A is e:
You are e. Of all the irrational numbers, you are the most intense. By nature you are powerful, although sometimes you can spiral out of control. You are good with money; the interest seems to just compound whenever you are near. When someone uses the word "exponential" they are probably talking about you. In some ways you and φ are a nearly perfect match. Not to mention how attractive φ is. But then, there is the remarkable π... Your lucky number is approximately 2.71828183

[Book Quiz]

So is AlexChurchill. This means I answered six questions in the same way as ChiarkPerson... hmm...  Ulysses by James Joyce.  Most people are convinced that you don't make any sense, but compared to what else you could say, what you're saying now makes tons of sense. What people do understand about you is your vulgarity, which has convinced people that you are at once brilliant and repugnant. Meanwhile you are content to wander around aimlessly, taking in the sights and sounds of the city. What you see is vast, almost limitless, and brings you additional fame. When no one is looking, you dream of being a Greek folk hero.
So, apparently, is Jumlian.

PeterTaylor is I, Robot: While you have established a code of conduct for many generations to follow, your demeanor is rather cold and calculating. Brought up to serve humans, you have promised never to harm them, to follow orders, and to protect yourself. Living up to this code has proved challenging and sometimes even drives you mad. If you were a type of paper, you would be pulp.

ChrisHowlett is The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: You were just looking for some decent clothes when everything changed quite dramatically. For the better or for the worse, it is still hard to tell. Now it seems like winter will never end and you feel cursed. Soon there will be an epic struggle between two forces in your life and you are very concerned about a betrayal that could turn the balance. If this makes it sound like you're re-enacting Christian theological events, that may or may not be coincidence. When in doubt, put your trust in zoo animals.
(PeterTaylor) What do they mean "may or may not be coincidence". It was intentional.
In the actual book, yes it was.  It's called tongue-in-cheek humour. --M-A
Lewis denied it was intentional, at least at the beginning; others disagree; there is dispute. That's the point of the joke.

According to Lewis, it was a bit of both. See http://greenbelt.com/news/aslan/lewis.htm

MoonShadow is 1984: You have this uncanny feeling that you're always being watched. Thus life has become a bit of a show as you try to portray yourself as much more reputable than you actually are. All around you, people seem to accept an unending stream of lies and propaganda without flinching. Your only hope may be a star-crossed love affair, but pain seems stonger than love. If you have any older brothers, be very wary of them.
Me too --Admiral

Kazuhiko is the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn...  Which, to my mind at least, has absolutely no connection to my answers at all (which probably means I should actually read the thing I guess).  On the other hand, changing my last answer gets me the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy which is much more satisfactory, so I'll go with that instead :)

qqzm is "Prufrock and Other Observations!" by T.S. Eliot apparently. I have, however, never even heard of it.

MikeJeggo is Dune, by FrankHerbert?
You have control over a great wealth of resources, but no one wants to let you have them. You've decided to try to defend yourself, but it may take eons before you really get back what you feel you deserve. Meanwhile you have a cult-like following of minions waiting for your life to progress. This would all be even more exciting if you could just get the sand out of your eyes.

[What D&D Character Are You?]

The results from this quiz are so long I'll farm it off to it's own subpage...  /WhatDnDCharacterAreYou?

FlameRider took the 'What anime cliche are you?' test, and got "A nerd that gets the ladies" (and a whole lot of HTML, too, which has been snipped to keep the page at least semi-readable; but no obvious link to the original test).

AlexChurchill got "Goofy Protagonist".

[Find a Thing in the Internet Junk Shop]

MikeJeggo-- am worried to have discovered this in the junk shop *sweatdrop*
Although not a small part of my worry derives from the amusment Bobacus will no doubt derive from my getting an answer containing the word 'girl' *sigh*

ChrisHowlett - I found this. Not bad really

Quite hard to beat this:

AngelaRayner found this: Revealed nakedly before you is a missing friend in a bag bescrawled with crayon: chill out, man....

Flamerider found this: Upon your head there falls other people on a string You are told: chill out, man.... [image]

[What High School Stereotype Are You?]

(PeterTaylor) I did that filling in the answers I'd have given when at school, and was a goody-two-shoes:
(PeterTaylor cont) However, changing the answers to be up-to-date (e.g. my views on dancing have changed) I became a geek. Not sure that's quite the corruption intended! But it does seem to me that that quiz in particular, and probably most others, are designed by non-mathos who don't know Bayes' theorem. And it would be nice if it spotted multiple-category people like goody-two-shoes geeks. Pigeon-holes were made for pigeons.

Flamerider was the [teen]

CorkScrew is an Outcast. This was unexpected.

I was zapped by a gnome with a wand of polymorph, and became a water nymph (StuartFraser):

If I were a NetHack monster, I would be a water nymph. Relationships are more about what you get out of them, than what you put in. That elven cloak really matches your eyes, you know.

(StuartFraser would like to point out that since NetHack is a RogueLike, there is no flashy graphic to use here...)
[Which NetHack Monster Are You?]
Certain people can stop laughing now....
Sure there is: n
<pedantry> There are no black n in NetHack.</pedantry> Moreover, I would dispute that n is a "flashy graphic".
There is if you're on a monochrome display - which AFAICT we are.  I had a play in the SandBox trying to make it green...

(PeterTaylor): If I were a NetHack monster, I would be a floating eye. I see and sense absolutely everything that happens around me. I just don't do very much about it.

If ChrisHowlett were a NetHack monster, he would be a mimic. He can be whatever he thinks you need him to be - it might look like he's here to help you, but really you're here to help him. (If he wasn't a mimic, he'd be a floating eye.)

Kazuhiko is also a mimic (with a side-helping of trapper).  Maybe I should start signing off my messages as ]

If SunKitten were a NetHack monster, she would be a little dog. She's a loyal and trusting companion, always ready to protect her friends. Even if they do feed her tripe, sometimes.
Woof. No, I don't think that works.. - SunKitten

M-A would be a dwarf. "I enjoy using expensive, high-quality equipment, and I'm not afraid to work hard to get it."  Apparently.  Or else I'd be a mimic.  I prefer being a dwarf, though.  :)

Garbled Is a dwarf / tengu - Tool maker / breaker who hides in the shadows (apparently)

Personally, I gave up on these things when I found out I was a [gay vampire]... - Kazuhiko
No, you're the Queen of the fairies, remember? - SunKitten
Are these mutually exclusive?  I wouldn't have thought so... --MikeJeggo
They are; because, being innocent, SunKitten actually meant "faeries". HTH, HAND --MoonShadow
*shrug* :) - Kazuhiko *trying to remember why the fairies/faeries wanted toast...*

[Which OS Are You?]

Kazuhiko ends up as...

While I like the description, I have to find it somewhat ironic that I've been banging my head against Debian (myself?) for a little while and can't get it to cooperate...

Garbled is
...Oh dear, I just crashed. Wanna reboot?

SunKitten is
.. what's that?
I couldn't resist saying that my preferred input device is a SausageOfPower...

Sally is
Although really she's anything that distracts her from catam at the moment...
No comment. No comment at all. -RA
Yeah, I thought it would, err, amuse you...

ChrisHowlett is
...which I think sums me up quite well, really.
PeterTaylor is also Slackware. Perhaps should have been GNU/Hurd?, but I've learnt to put random answers to questions I don't understand / can't answer sensibly. Can tell me who Ming the Merciless is without using a search engine?
As is StuartFraser, although he has seen FlashGordon.
And PHL4IVI3R1D3R, who has never seen FlashGordon, is proud of it, but knows exactly who Ming the Merciless is.

*shock* *horror*  You haven't watched/read/seen FlashGordon in any of its incarnations? - Kazuhiko
Sworn enemy of FlashGordon, tyrannical ruler of mongo etc. etc.  Sheesh.  Green looking guy, exceptionally silly manchu goatee.  --Vitenka
Heh, edit conflict there.  I'll just add that he's also, by coincidence, the guy in charge of release testing in America for the project I'm currently on.  --Vitenka
FlashGordon? Nope, never seen/read/watched/<insert other verbs here> it. So, people who know me, am I more like Ming or Darth Vader?
Ming is camp and favours overcomplex plans - but is very persistent.  Has a daughter he is exceptionally fond of and will mortgage the world for (before plotting, yet again, FlashGordon's demise)  DarthVader? is, of course, exactly the same, but with a silly helmet and a son instead of a daughter.  --Vitenka

Viciousfish somehow ended up as:
I hate myself ! But I did get geek on the high school one, which was more pleasing.
Admiral ended up as this too. Hmmph.

M-A is:
I quite like that. :)

Jumlian is:
Oh dear. 

Flamerider was: [image]
You are Red Hat Linux. You're tops among your peers, but still get no respect from them.  It's all right with you.  You have your sights set higher.

WTF is OS2/Warp?? I feel young :( - CorkScrew

Too inspired by AlexChurchill, MikeJeggo tried some of the 'anime character' quizzes.  The following results appeared ^^;; [1]

In the anime girl quiz:
"You're inhumanly cute, especially when you cry your big-tears. If your friends don't appriciate you, that's probably because they're bitches."
Flamerider was that too.

In the bad boy quiz, it got worse, much worse - see description ^^;;
"Wow...you're a mess. You try very hard to be a good leader, but it blows up in your face all the time...which causes you to doubt yourself. People don't really know how hard on yourself you really are, but that's best. You don't do to well around pretty girls though...kinda causes your nose to randombly bleed. You have a fear of gigantic breasts, and ...umm...you lose your cool easily. You also fantasize quite often..about the girls you see regularly, even your friends."
Sweatdrop.  That's really quite a distressing set of attributes.  ...Heh, it's fortunate that it's just one of those silly NetQuizzes, ne?  ^^;;;  --AlexChurchill

The bishounen one was a bit better:
"You appear cool and calm, but really you have many bottled emotions inside. Besides that, you are dead sexy."
''Flamerider was Setsuna in this one. [Romantic]

But this one may be the most accurate, the anime stereotype...:
"Goofy, sweet, and a bit perverted. Usually your type tends to put an outward appearance of being a nutcase when they actually are quite serious and emotionally torn....and then some are just nutcases."

Aww, Mike, you've got to post the descriptions that come with them! Otherwise nobody will know quite what you're being compared to, unless they know the series.  Knowing MahoutsukaiTai, I find it strangely appropriate somehow that you come out as Sae  ^.~ ...
*glare* --MikeJeggo
*snigger*  --AC
  But not knowing AngelSanctuary, I have no idea what being Kira tells us about you.  Quote the text that they give!  --AlexChurchill
*cough* *splutter* *muffled hysterics*  You really, really don't want to know.  Believe me. - Kazuhiko
I did the anime villain quiz and came out as Rociel. I am truly worried - SunKitten

Oops, yes... I'll see if I can find it again shall I?  (I fear my connection to Sae is conclusively proved by this oversight... *sigh*)

Kazuhiko finds it most amusing that his Anime Stereotype is 'Bishounen'...
Popular with the ladies, and sometimes even the guys. You don't put a lot of effort in your appearance, but you always end up looking quite attractive. You could have any sexual preference.

As a villan (sic), I also get to be Inorganic Angel Rociel...  This is indeed a trifle concerning...

Requiem keeps saying my name is Flamerider.  It is not, it is PHL4IVI3R1D3R.  There is a difference.  L33tn355 is important... (he also put all my results here.  I tried but something went wrong, and I couldn't be bothered to try again.)  --PHL4IVI3R1D3R
That was me, actually, not Requiem. I post from work, and find PHL4IVI3R1D3R hard to type right quickly. If it's there on the page already, I copy and paste it. If not, I type "Flamerider", which is at least readable and harder to misspel - sorry ^^; am incompetent. Feel free to correct it - that's the entire point of a wiki. As for putting your results here - we already have this page for netquiz results, why make another? - MoonShadow
Hey, it could be worse.  I'm pronouncing it FievelRider? internally now.  I'm not quite sure what manner of creature charges across the battlefield upon the back of an animated non-disney mouse, but you're it :)  --Vitenka
AlexChurchill thinks of Ph-person as "FlameRider" (two words, one WikiWord) in his head. I think if the wiki acquire a nickname for you due to it being easier to type, and you have the option of correcting it yourself, is there much to complain about? (Then again, it's *easier* for me to type FlameRider than most, because I'm using Dasher which is much better at learning (particularly unusual phrases) than most keyboards) --AlexChurchill
M-A reads it as "PH...thingy".
I've just re-read this, and realised I was very rude.  Sorry!  On the other hand, since my name changed it's all irrelevant anyway.  --FR

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