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Once upon a time, AngelaRayner was bored with StudentLife.  Even though she did not have CopiousFreeTime, she decided to create a VeryLongWikiSentence involving as many Wiki words as she could find.  Wiki words are CapitalisedWords.  She had read everything interesting on UkReligionChristian because ReligionMatters and now, as a ToothyWikizen, it was time for a new challenge.

AngelaRayner sat in the Criminology library for a long time.  At least it was better than sitting in the GeekCupboard, she thought.  AngelaRayner pondered long and hard about  God and FlapJacks.  She donned a metaphorical FlameRetardantSuit for FireImmunity in case anybody noticed her TypingMonkeys.

AngelaRayner wiggled her toes in an uncomfortable manner.  Recently, odd things had been happening in AngelasBoot.

AngelaRayner sighed to herself for not taking the BlackArtsTripos.  The problem was that it was only available at TrinityCollege (OberonCollege, surely) and Angela would not betray her Education in case it lead to TotalAnnihilation.  Even CategoryTheory would be more interesting than this, she thought, but this was probably because she had never had to do CategoryTheoryAngelaRayner's real desire was to return to Theology, but she made use of her time quite nicely, escaping to the DivinityFaculty at lunchtimes.  It's pointless, she thought, because the more I think, the more I realise IKnowNothing.

The greatest difficulty in her musings came when she tried to avoid lists.  It would be very easy to create huge long lists of animes and different Churches, but that would only be an invitation to be gobbled up by ViciousFish.  She didn't like the sound of that.

AngelaRayner looked out of the window and in that instance saw an ExtendedComplexPlane.  She ducked, to avoid being hit by its radar and in the midst of hiding under the table, heard a quack.  Oh dear.  She had set off the ChurchillDuck and now somebody else would have to face the LyricalOddities.

Besides, she must return to WorkingAsIntended at the beginning of the day.  She must not  RunAndHide, although she thought that her library books would soon become part of an elaborate CollectableCardGame.

At the end of her composition, AngelaRayner laughed an evil laugh.  MuHaHa, she thought to herself.  MuHaHaHa she whispered quietly under her breath.  MuHaHaHaHa she could not say out loud due to some odd signals from the RealityCheckpoint and a desire not to cause further delays on the LondonUnderground.  You may wonder her reasons for laughing so much, but she wondered how TheAntiFlap or AlexChurchill might categorise this page.  "It will all go according to my plan," she thought, unless they have an EvilScript up their sleeves.  Just so that things would not be too simple, she decide to define her page as CategoryCategorisableButNobodyIsQuiteSureHow.  Now it could no longer be known as CategoryUncategorisable.  When somebody tried to tamper with her plan by creating a CategoryCategorisableButNobodyIsQuiteSureHow, Angela threatened them by offering to pour LemonDrizzle on their HappyGoBoard.  The Go Board looked scared.  Angela further defined her page to resist categorisation by changing its self-understanding every time somebody tried to give it a category.

Angela further complicated matters by mentioning both Sexuality and HarryPotter

In the same sentence? Oh, my. He is rather getting on in years now. He did try and chat a lady customer up once, back in '86, but she gave him the good talking-to what he deserved. Film? What film? He never goes to the cinema - by the time he's done with the glaze and the silver patterns on the little china candleholders, he just wants to have a pint of bitter and crash for the night.
Oh dear. Who would have thought, that far in advance, that Equus would have happened? Prophesy! --Admiral

Some nutcase will now be forced to start a discussion on this page thus relegating it to a Category? that would be even harder to categorise.  She was being so evil that she almost decided to create a new MuHaHa, but thought better of it as that would be NamingThingsSoAsToCauseMaximumConfusion and she was not out to confuse, oh no!

I would have thought CategoryRandom, personally.... -RA
CategoryCategorised, CategoryUncategorisable

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