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[Political Compass Quiz]
Note that when it talks about "Our country", it appears to be referring to the UK. Unless they're doing clever tricks with rDNS.

The essential idea is to place your political beliefs on both economical (Left/ Right) and political (Libertarian/ Authoritarian) axes, as it provides a more accurate definition than just left-wing/right-wing. (See more thoughts on /PoliticalCompassAxes)

StuartFraser, to illustrate by example, has a score (-10 to 10 on both axes) of 0.88 L/R and  -7.08 L/A, which makes me strongly libertarian and centre-right.

Vitenka scorns such devices as oversimplistic.  Especially since he gets a variance of about 6 each way.
Ah, but what did you score?
{thinks} +4/-2 -6/+3 and 1/-5 so far, shall I take it a few more times?
RA is impressed. He knows loads of people who've taken this and no-one who's come out with such a huge variance.
Aww - I came out boring this time.  -5.38 / -4.15  --Vitenka

The Political Compass contains a lot of questions MoonShadow can't answer because he thinks they are based on incorrect assumptions; a bit like "You have stopped spanking your pet alligator, rather than still spanking it now. Strongly agree, agree, disagree, strongly disagree." MoonShadow suspects his alleged position on the compass will vary depending on which answer he randomly picks for such questions. Nevertheless, MoonShadow just got -2.12/-2.51.
Sally had this problem, but the test still seems to score (you can judge it's accuracy if you know my political views... ;-) ) if you just leave them blank - I suppose it takes it as some sort of mu answer...
They aren't questions. They're statements. If you believe that the statement is founded on an incorrect premise, then you disagree with it. MathMos... -RA, in should have done SPS mood.

(PeterTaylor) Yes, some of the questions could use a "Don't know" at least, if not a "Mu". Another problem is semantic ambiguity: "Social workers waste their time trying to rehabilitate those who are simply born bad." I presume the intent is "Social workers spend all their time trying to rehabilitate those who are simply born bad. This is a waste of time", but it could be "If someone is simply born bad, social workers who try to rehabilitate that person are wasting their time".

*StuartFraser sighs and remembers why he hangs round arts students when discussing deep stuff*

(Sally) I read it as the latter... but then I wasn't really thinking...

I read it as a combination of both: "Some people are born bad.  Social workers spend a lot of time with these people getting nowhere. This time is wasted." --M-A

No, the ambiguity is real and is a problem - if you disagree with the existence of 'born bad people' then you must, obviously, disagree with the statement.  But you may still agree with the sense of the statement, that social workers ar emainly wasting their time.  --Vitenka

'A government must give its citizens as much social freedom as possible.' Surely everyone agrees: the disagreement comes on how much is possible, weighing other considerations into account?
Not at all. Lee Kwan Yew's Singapore is an example of a government that gives its citizens very little social freedom and is still widely admired for it's achievements.
I couldn't quite work this one out.  What's "social freedom", as opposed to any other kind? To my mind, giving people as much freedom as possible leads to there being very few laws and then anarchy, which then impinges on people's freedom... very circular. Just supposing that they mean getting the balance just right so that most people have as much freedom as reasonably possible, I might have said "Agree", but I don't think that's what they meant. --M-A
I think it means social freedom in the conventional sense of being free from social oppression ("society won't let me do what I want").  As opposed to physical freedom ("I am restrained from doing what I want"), economic freedom ("I can't afford to do what I want") and free will ("Do I want?").  This is related to the discussion of negative and positive freedoms.  Are you free to walk the streets at night, without danger?  (Negative freedom, a freedom 'from' danger).  Or are you allowed to access the Internet freely? (Positive freedom, a freedom 'to' do something which you can't do in Singapore). --Mjb67

Edith Believes all such tests are flawed for not having enough questions or axes (insert stuff about the impossibility of a perfect simulation here). OTOH that one could certainly be improved with the simple addition of a null option as suggested above. I certainly wanted to click "Don't Know/Care?/Think? the question starts from the right assumptions" button but couldn't find it. I think the basis of the test (that of a double axis) pretty much explains the flaws in our 2/3 party system, well some of them.

Sally got the following...
Economic Left/ Right: -5.25
Authoritarian/ Libertarian: -3.64
which makes me less liberal than StuartFraser... ah, my naivity of still thinking we can force people to be good...

PeterTaylor was slightly surprised to be placed as
Economic Left/ Right: -4.75
Authoritarian/ Libertarian: -2.77

M-A got
Economic Left/ Right: -5.75
Authoritarian/ Libertarian: -1.49
Not sure what that really says about me - that I like rules, but I think that society and the individual are equally important?  Hmm, whatever...

The ChiarkPerson got
Economic: -3.00
Authoritarian: -0.62
Has anyone, ever, got a positive score on either axis?

Yes, there are many people StuartFraser (who lurks on politics discussion boards) knows who have got positive scores on either or both axes. Personally, I think they are somewhat off-centre with the zero, which should be at something like (-2, -2), but I know people with positive scores. Note that I got a positive score in economics (I consider myself a right-wing libertarian, so no suprise).
I reckon ToothyWikizens' scores are unrepresentative because we're mostly a bunch of leftie recent ex-students. I strongly suspect that my parents and many of their generation, and also my sister, would get positive scores. --Rachael

Tsunami got
Economic Left/ Right: -3.50
Authoritarian/ Libertarian: -5.74

TheInquisitor scored:
Economic Left/Right?: -3.75
Libertarian/Authoritarian?: -4.51

Jumlian got:
Left / Right: -6.38
Libertarian/Authoritarian?: -4.41

Naath got:
L/R: -1.62
L/A: -2.82
(last I did this, I was the *only* person I knew to be a Right Wing Liberal... That's what being in Cambridge has done to me)

Senji is going to play the 'More Left-Libertarian than thou' card with is results of:
L/R: -6.12
L/A: -5.28
(Although, I'm not convinced by the author's politics...)

Edith Expected to come out as a police state communist but decided to be serious for a change:
L/R: -6.88
L/A: -5.23
(Which puts me closer to the Anarchist collectivism than Nelson Mandella or the Dali Lama Yay!)
Eep, he's more extreme than me! -- Senji

Gwyntar got:
Economic Left/Right?: -0.25
Libertarian/Authoritarian?: -3.54
Gwyntar would have scored himself at about:
L/R: + 4.0
L/A: - 4.0

They try to associate economically right wing with the opinion unique to the American Republicans that corporations know best, rather than a belief in small government and strict monetarist policies. This skews everyone who doesn't agree with this one particular interpretation of 'right wing economics' well to the left.

qqzm got:
Economic Left/Right?: -7.75
Libertarian/Authoritarian?: -5.23
Sounds about right to me :)

Requiem got:
Economic Left/Right?: -0.5 +/- 1.0
Libertarian / Authoritarian: -1.0 +/- 0.5
But everyone I know would put me more like +4.0, -4.0. Bah to these tests I say.

Bobacus got:
Economic Left/Right?: -2.88
Libertarian/Authoritarian?: -1.69

CorkScrew got:
Economic Left/Right?: -4.25
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian?: -3.85

Admiral got:
Economic Left/Right?: -2.38
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian?: -0.97

ChrisHowlett got:
Economic Left/Right?: -5.50
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian?: -1.90
Which seems to make me Ghandi.

Rachael scored:
Economic Left/Right?: -4.12
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian?: -5.28

"When you are troubled, it's better not to think about it, but to keep busy with more cheerful things." - How is that a political question? It seems a bit out of place. --Rachael

Anonyman got:
Economic Left/Right?: -5.12
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian?: -4.51
Seems about right.

Should this be placed on / linked to NetQuizzes ?  RA will complain it belittles its political importance to store it with people's gay vampireness, but it means more procrastinators will find it...
Placed on, no, this is CategorySerious. Linked to, probably yes. -RA
I refuse to believe that a multiple choice netquiz should be CategorySerious... to be honest, I've got results that tell you more about me from [What LOTR Villain are you], and [What Bisexual are you]... MaintainMe/BrokenLink

Chris Lightfoot appears to have created [this].
I come out like [this]. -- Senji
Not bad - his questions are better balanced than political compass, but the interpretation is screwy. I come out in the same place on the L/R scale as you, and a bit more pragmatic. But I'm a small-government libertarian, have a *positive* score on the political compass economics chart (and a whopping -7 on the political one...), which puts me rather more distant from Senji than this would suggest. --StuartFraser

Jumlian comes out as effectively being Charles Kennedy.  Since I currently vote that way that's pretty accurate, although there seems to be little variance up-down.  Then again, I came out rather similar to Senji in the political compass above, so that's pretty much to be expected. --Jumlian.

qqzm scored thus:
left/right  -7.1935 (-0.4330)
pragmatism  -0.6946 (-0.0418)
On the chart that's about exactly half-way between Charles Kennedy and Tony Benn.

M-A scored pretty much dead-on Tony Blair's position (central both directions):

DouglasReay scored:
- left/right  -3.9889 (-0.2401)
- pragmatism +3.7277 (+0.2244)
Well, I _did_ used to use the GrogName? TheUtilitarian?


Bobacus scored:
- left/right    +1.0506 (+0.0632)
- pragmatism    +0.6012 (+0.0362)
This makes me equidistant from TonyBlair and JosefStalin?! (MuHaHa)

FlameRider: can't be bothered to record his scores, but was heading in the same general direction as NelsonMandella?, Gandhi and the DalaiLama?.  I don't know if I should be pleased, worried, or wondering if I was lying...

ChrisHowlett scored:
1 left/right  -1.9532 (-0.1176)
2 pragmatism -2.1244 (-0.1279)
Which places me as as idealistic as Stalin, and slighter lefter than Blair.

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