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From the Tibetian whales!

There's tonnes of free games out there.
Most of them are really really bad.
Let's synopsise them!

Vitenka has a very clear view of what makes a good game.  It's one he likes.  On with the show!

This page seems like a good place to list good games. More specifically, since ToothyWikizens' opinions vary, games that at least one ToothyWikizen wants to recommend. I (AlexChurchill) have often wished for a place more specific to games than SiteOfTheMoment, where a number of such games have been linked before but get lost among random other sites, and more specific than CategoryComputerGames, which is mostly ones requiring a specific platform or console.

As much as is possible, let's try to sort them by genre. Let's also include who recommended them. In some cases this has been copied from the mention on SiteOfTheMoment or another wiki page.




Tower Defence

/TowerDefence is a genre that originated in custom maps for WarCraft III, but rapidly migrated to Flash games, where it's become spectacularly successful.

Strategy / Tactics





There are a number of games in this genre, vaguely similar to PuzzleBobble?.


Note: Alex described this as "platform puzzling at its purest". If you misread this (as I did) as saying it's a pure puzzle game you will be very disappointed. --PT
You /can/ explore it in whatever order you want, but if you don't pick the right order you risk getting stuck in a dead end. --PT



(Space)Flight Sim

If the city is too exciting, you can always play [Desert Bus].
[Genetos] - a quick run through of the history of SHUMPs.
[Oolite] Object Oriented (e)lite. A pretty faithful adaptation of Elite, but fully rendered and textured, with an easily modded system. Lots of mods appear to exist. Finding the controls is probably the first issue, but you can get the info off the wiki if you look hard.


SeeAlso VisualNovel, ElvenRelations, WhenIRuleTheWorld, TransformationSequence

Interactive Fiction

There's a whole genre of InteractiveFiction (aka text adventures), older than most genres of computer game. But a number are now playable on the web, which makes it hard to decide whether they belong on this page or that. AlexChurchill will list some of his favourites here.


Heh.  I indeed guessed correctly the 'twist' in upgrade-complete.  And am still playing on because it's actually quite mindlessly fun.  --Vitenka
A word for the puzzled and frustrated: when you purchase the pre-loader in Upgrade Complete it should immediately execute it. However, it you have a version of Flash earlier than 10 it will fail silently, and the first thing you must upgrade is your Flash plugin. --PT




There are some BrowserGames? that defy categorisation.
Just spent (too many) pleasant hours fixing underwater tunnels to be water tight.  Very much panders to the obsessive compulsive.  Very pretty in its own way.  Enjoy while you can since, IMHO, this is either going to die horribly from a) the author deciding it's now pay only or b) popularity bringing a higher percentage of trolls or c) both of the above. --K
It appears to have a single player link. Is that not working / not as good, since both these comments seem to indicate multiplayer only? --CH
I get the impression from Markus that a) won't happen, but b) is a serious risk. There are already griefers. Chris, not sure: I do know that it was single-player to start with, and there will be single-player stuff in future. Markus plans to have [four modes]. --PT
OK.  The large "50% of during alpha!  Pre-purchase now!" splash in the header is somewhat confusing then.  As to the single-player game, it is just as functional (to my knowledge) as the multiplayer, but, to me, building a masterpiece without anyone to comment/criticize/interact with lacks interest.  I guess that's a matter of personal taste. --K
Well, you can save your single-player creations and send people links to them, but it's not nearly as fun as building on a multiplayer server. --Anonyman (who was the one to originally recommend this, by the way)
Not sure I'd call it an art form any more than, say, Aquaria or some such. And not sure I'd say it defies categorisation, particularly. But nonetheless, a rather pleasing short little platformer. --AC
Well, I would.  It's beautiful, and, unlike almost every other 'game as art' it's also a fun game!  Albeit an easy one.  The mechanic is pleasing.  It's strange the way it punishes you for making progress, but it works very well.  Downright eerie.  --Vitenka (mildly confounded that it didn't zoom all the way out to real photo-graphics)
I would say that it's definitely art but I'm not sure it's a game. --PT

Whole sites

SeeAlso CategoryTimeSink, SiteOfTheMoment.
CategoryGames CategoryComputerGames

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