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To be compacted:

The [Gematriculator] is a service that uses the infallible methods of Gematria developed by Mr. Ivan Panin to determine how good or evil a web site or a text passage is. Honest! --Tsunami
Mine was only 1% less evil than toothycat!! That can't be right...I'm much more evil grr --Hoshi-Chan
The site Kazuhiko works on regrettably cannot be rated.  The intro text, however, rates as 89% Good!  Of note, the words 'computers' and 'California' are fundamentally Good, while the name of the company he works for is, apparently, Evil.
My site came out as only 1% evil. Which is bad. But then, it probably only checked the re-direct page rather than my actual webpage ^_^ --Tsunami
http://www.srcf.ucam.org/curs is 34% evil, 66% good --King DJ
My company is 51% good, but my division of said company is 95% good! --CH

[Job Vacancies: Character Role - Singer x 7] -- *boggle* --B

The BBC brings us the latest offering in Cute: the [Winnie-the-Pooh Day Quiz]
Maybe ought to be in NetQuizzes? :) --MJ

[May the cutest kitten win] - Probably already appeared, I'm sure you'll tell me... Hoshi-Chan

[Fun with virtual sand], not to mention "Fire", "Oil" and "??". --M-A

[Nokia propose new "Voice Talk" service on Mobiles]. Spoof article, in case anyone didn't realise that.

A new and innovative way to [cool your PC] without the need for fans.

[Your keys can be microchips embedded in your hand].
Forehead! Forehead! - MoonShadow

[What you get if you typo localhsot into FireFox] - Mainly a joke for web developers.  Does make me want to hear the cd though... --K

[Stack the cats] (flash game)

Its the sound effects that get me!-- Hoshi-Chan

[We have seamanship, seamanship for love.] Actual Marine Defense Force Recruitment video. So you can sing along...

We have seamanship, seamanship for love,
We have seamanship seamanship for peace.

We like Japan.
We like peace.
Japan Maritime Self Defense Forces! \(^o^)/  --Hoshi-Chan

[Hong Kong Phooey - X] As promised.  Also features PenelopePitstop? GT.  --Vitenka

[Police perform drugs raid disguised as Victorian carol singers].

Want to see a picture of this sooo bad! --Carol

[Samorost 2, a rather neat Flash game] -- Garbled says "Neat"

[Anyone need an 8 foot lego Star Destroyer?] - It would be even better if it came in kit form... -K

[Blue sky in games campaign]

[eBay sells invisible Christmas tree] (for charity). The Q&A section promises to be entertaining by the end of the auction...
(PeterTaylor) I did my part with the following question:
Q: What is the approximate mass of the invisible Christmas tree?
The answer received:
A: Hi. Thank you for your email. The approximate mass of the Invisible Christmas Tree is directly linked to how many beans make five, and how many balls of wool it takes to knit a Reindeer a pair of tennis trousers. I'm surprised you didn't know this.

[Man accidentally dates his mother over the internet] (also shelved in IRC).
[Assuming you trust the source] --Edwin
I'm perfectly willing to believe every word of the second story. Since they haven't indicated the credentials of their Vatican insider, I'm free to discount him. Yahoo make no claims of fact in that story. --CH
(PeterTaylor) Both are from the Weekly World News, which is as reliable as The Onion but less funny.

[My Star Wars can beat up Your Star Wars] - Silly character face-offs to determine which trilogy was better. --K

[CatAndRabbit] Samzbaka  (Actually, sambakza, but the typo aids search ;).  Cats, rabbits and cake dances.  Two flash animations - watch them.  --Vitenka
To spell out the directions, go to the website, click the big image or the entrance tab, click the blue link, then select the two available movies.  The first one is good, the second is insanely cute (but will make more sense if you watch the first first). --K (wondering why MoonShadow is making edits signed Vitenka)
'cos Vitenka was here for the start of WednesdayAnime/MarathonShowing - MoonShadow
[Cat and rabbit 1, download link] [Ditto for 2] - they look a lot better resized to fullscreen.  --Vitenka

[Santa Give More to Rich Kids than Poor Kids!] Anyone else thought Santa was actually evil? Surely this should be given away by the fact that if you move the middle letter to the end....  --MawKernewek
(PeterTaylor) The placement of that article at that domain is a terrible irony.

[Virtual Air Guitar]

[Breakout in the kitchen sink]. CategoryTimeSink... almost literally..

[A selection of statues].

[Google maps and Risk] - This is cool, it uses Google maps to play a game of Risk. Only single player thus far (so you can hotseat if you want), multiplayer has been promised. --Snapdragon

[Mario] - A 'realist' veiw of heroic plumbers, click on the underlined link at the bottom - Carol
At least on my browser, make that the upper of the two underlined links at the bottom --K (who stopped at about 10 'cause KingKoopa? as a body builder with green paint is really really wrong)

[Clean your screen] - very CategoryKittenTechnicalMatters.

[Kingdom of Loathing] - A rather humourous web-based donation-ware rpg.
I'm sure that's been round before. I played it (and was amused) for a while, until the puns and humour became a bit samey. --CH
See also MMORPG/KingdomOfLoathing. --MoonShadow (on SunKitten's laptop, near StaplesRoundabout; I'm getting closer to Brighton, bit by bit..
Why does a search on toothywiki for "kingdom of loathing" come back with zero results? (Or 1 now - this page)
The page linked above does not feature the name of the game on it any where. Hence there are no results with the spaces. --CH
There are also no results for "kingdomofloathing".

[A javascript port of Unix]

["After seeing The Fellowship of the Ring, you have probably fantasized about living in a Hobbit Hole and lazing about in the shade. I know I have."]

[Patenting plot lines] - Unfortunately, this appears [not to be a joke]

[Sony and their dubious DRM software]. Probably belongs on a FooMatters?, or CategorySerious, or Security; but I couldn't work out which. --CH

[They're made out of meat]...

I mentioned this one to Alex and Rachel a couple of weeks ago. [Online Waving Hands]. I'm pjt33, and will accept (some number of) challenges if notified out of band. SeeAlso PeterTaylor/RavenblackGreasemonkeyScript.
I've got an account there! Haven't played in, oh, about 2 years though, and probably shouldn't start again. If you find someone called "Diamond" challenging you, you'll know I've succumbed to temptation. --CH
That looks like fun. I wonder if anyone's done any kind of prefix/suffix matching analysis on the set of spells? - MoonShadow
I'll probably get horribly trashed, but I'd be quite up for a wiki game of this.. - MoonShadow
Can someone explain what the 'this' is?  I don't seem to be able to figure it out from their site without having to sign up.  --Vitenka
[Here's] the rules. It's a paper+pencil complete-knowledge try-to-work-out-what-your-opponent-is-plotting game. - MoonShadow
(PeterTaylor) Not quite. It starts out complete-knowledge, but some enchantments can change that. Invisibility and blindness IIRC. And wikiing it will require much use of signatures, because moves are simultaneous.
!"pixs2urlblock"!  Site firewall, I'm afraid.  --Vitenka
[Google cache]
(PeterTaylor) Note: the Ravenblack rules are slightly different, which has caused AL and I much confusion. Best not to read rules other than the Ravenblack ones.
Doh!  Should have thought of that.  Humm.  Looks fun, but also quite fiddly to work out what is going on.  I'm kinda tempted to make up bits of cardboard  to lay down.  --Vitenka  (It would work really REALLY well LARP, iff both players could keep the spell sequences in both diretions straight.  I wonder if it works with a cut down set of spells, or does it just become trivial?)
(PeterTaylor) I have started some work on writing wording for bits of cardboard.
I've just noticed.  The surrender gesture is 'the Fonz'.  How great is that, ehhh?  --Vitenka
My layout would be .. too long for this page.  SiteOfTheMoment/CardBoardMages

Surely the ultimate in cellular automata [geekness].
It occurs to ChrisHowlett that that's actually implementable in ToothyGDL. He's not quite insane enough ATM though.
I was pondering either that, or some kind of game based on the idea, but until we can use small images rather than letters in boxes, I think the board would be too large to be practical... --K
We can colour the backgrounds, which would do. --CH
You're right.  I thought we had to have something in the cell for it to render the background, but it works well.  And apparently, I am insane enough --K
More cellular fun: [Epidemic] --DR
(PeterTaylor) Quite impressively it all works for me except the text in the widgets. Grr.

[Comedy cycle lanes.] This site has pictures of all the pointless, and frankly dangerous cycle lanes that exist. --MawKernewek
Some of those are indeed terrifying!  Would that they were however all of the frankly dangerous cycle lanes around the place! --MJ
Witness in particular that the bizarre cross-the-road-and-mount-the-pavement path on Malcolm Street is not included. --CH
[The April 2003 one] is from Cambridge, but I don't recognize it... -- Xarak
It claims to be on Tenison Road. --AC
It is indeed - that red brick building in the background is the youth hostel. --MJ
Arrgh! I've definitely got to send in some howlers from Brighton. --Bobacus
(PeterTaylor) If I had a working digital camera, I'd take and submit a photo demonstrating that it's impossible to fit a bike between some of the posts in the cycle lane from Tesco's down to the river.

[Chav World] the proud to be chav page is particularly funny

What would happen if you combined chess and boxing? The World Chessboxing Organisation found out: http://www.wcbo.org/

[Burger King recalls "sacrilegious" desserts]

[Be afraid. Be very afraid.] (movie clip, work-safe).
My work-place disagrees...  WebSense? blocked under the category "Tasteless" :)  Never seen that one before... --K

More on the subject of being very afraid.. let's face it, we could all [see this one coming]. From the article: "The advertising agency behind the campaign, Publicis, decided the best way to convey the impact of war on children was to tap into the earliest, happiest memories of Belgian television viewers."..
Is anywhere mirroring the actual advert yet?  --Vitenka
(PeterTaylor) According to ElReg?, [here]. I haven't looked, because I doubt I have the plugin.

[Tate Online webcast event] called OpenCongress?: "How OpenSource-inspired methods may transform art and its institutions."

[BBC news story] about a python attacking an alligator. Contains the marvellous line "The Burmese python tried to swallow its fearsome rival whole but then exploded."

[Help "BBC-dot" our web server], and marvel at the RighteousIndignation? of the masses, and WOE are those long posts at the bottom of the first page? ForumSpam?? --B, (SeeAlso Censorship, JohnLatham/GodIsGreat?)
Uh, you're going to have to explain what the heck this is about - unless it is just spam.  That link seems to go to an excerpt from a religious text.  --Vitenka
I suspect it's to do with the Tate [deciding not to include] John Latham's ["God Is Great"] in their exhibition because they were scared they'd have a bunch of religious zealots after them. They now have a bunch of people coming after them for unfair censorship instead. - MoonShadow
Oh, sorry, [it's about] the pulling of [an item] from an [exhibition], due to the current sensitive climate. Basically they don't want to get blown up by extremists, so they've decided not show an item that comprised the Bible, Quoran and Torah set in a piece of glass. It's all [blown up] now anyway... --B

From the [BBC article]:
Latham was angered by the decision and said that the work, made 10 years ago, was "not offensive to anybody".
"It shows that all religious teaching comes from the same source, whatever name you give to it."
Actually, ISTM that would offend quite a number of people [who spend vast amounts of time and effort] trying to convince anyone who will listen that, in fact, their own brand of religious teaching comes from one source and everyone else's from quite another. - MoonShadow

SiteOfTheMoment and multiple entertaining WordsOfTheDay: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/4248494.stm
And some more!

Real time HDRI demo [here] Sizeable download (20Mb+), may require a fairly powerful PC, needs  Win 98, ME, 2000, or XP and DirectX? 9 or higher and a graphics card capable of Vertex Shader 2.0 and Pixel Shader 2.0. --Tsunami
"- Real-Time High Dynamic Range Image-Based Lighting -" for those wondering.  Which means, mainly, that the light can be very bright and it won't clip - so that reflections don't get flattened out.  --Vitenka

[Is clicking dead?] - a site which demonstrates alternatives to mouse buttons, as well as punishing you for using them..

[The Ministry of Reshelving] - can this be crossed with [bookcrossing] ?

[This] page (work safe) on the subject of airborne pasta creatures caught my eye.

http://henrypotter dot biz/ - Cousin Henry Potter and the Terrible Time Machine - Bad, bad, BAD "Christian" literature in a badly formatted pdf.  If anyone wants a 90 page booklet by the same guy (which was left in our mailbox today) on how Saturday must be observed as the Sabbath day and hence the Pope is the Devil (quite literally, no exaggeration), please let me know and I'll post it to you...  It deserves more mocking than I alone can give it.

(MwaHaHa?...  The web address was caught as spam and couldn't be linked directly.  Three cheers for the ToothyWiki!) --K
(PeterTaylor) I'm impressed that you read far enough to tell that it's "Christian" literature. I'd had enough after two pages. The position on Sabbath is quite impressive: it sounds even more extreme than the 7th Day Adventists, who "merely" hold that requiring people to observe Sunday is the MarkOfTheBeast?. I don't know whether they have their own translation of the NT, or whether they skip the "awkward" passages (which for 7DA probably includes the majority of Galatians).

[An angel? Or just a really good DJ?] - Short movie in a similar style to Run Lola Run.  Needs Flash (is that all?  I can't tell)

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