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A page to compare the reading habits of ToothyWikizens...

MoonShadow reads: /OzyAndMillie, [Least I Could Do], /SomethingPositive, [Questionable Content], /SinFest and [XKCD]. He would also read /EverAfter, if it ever updated. Occasionally he catches up on [Girly] and /Copper.

Kazuhiko reads: [Homestuck], [Paradox Space], [Alice Grove], [ErfWorld], [Extra Ordinary], [Girl Genius], [Go Get a Roomie], [Gunnerkrigg Court, [http://icanhas.cheezburger.com/ I Can Has Cheezburger?], [Order of the Stick], [Punch an' Pie], [Questionable Content], [QC Twitter], [Sinfest], [Star Power], [Subnormality], [The Daily What], [TwoKinds], [XKCD]

Vitenka: [Keeping a list here now.]

Ok, I've managed to cut down a fair bit now.    /DominicDeegan, /YetAnotherFantasyGamerComic, /SchlockMercenary, /DMFA, /GunnerkrigCourt?, /GirlGenius, /Freefall, /GraphicSmash  (digger and the young-norse-gods one mainly) /BuckGodot, /GodsOfArrKelaan, /Jack?, /ThoseDestined, /UmlautHouse, /TheUnstuffed?, /OrderOfTheStick, /FoxTails, /KitsuneJewel, /GoblinHollow?, /TalesOfTheQuestor, /LastResort?, /BobTheAngryFlower and /DividedSky?.
... and will read pretty much anything once :)

PeterTaylor's list is much shorter than it used to be. /SchlockMercenary, /OrderOfTheStick, /DarthsAndDroids, /IrregularWebcomic, /Spacetrawler, /Freefall (after a hiatus - the story moves very slowly), /Xkcd, /Dilbert.

SunKitten reads UserFriendly, /AngelMoxie, MegaTokyo, /SomethingPositive and /EversummerEve?

M-A reads /SluggyFreelance, /ElGoonishShive, /Freefall, /ScaryGoRound, /DominicDeegan (having followed the link from here), /PiledHigherAndDeeper?, Artifaxis, /RealLife? and /Xkcd.

I used to read Bruno, but it got really boring and self-indulgent, so I couldn't be bothered any more.  There's only so much philosophising by the main character about her general malaise that you can take...  I also used to read UserFriendly, Dilbert, /CalvinAndHobbes? and PhoenixFeathers, but no longer.

As well as the obvious Artifaxis, MoonShadow regularly reads /SomethingPositive and /IDrewThis. He occasionally catches up on a bunch of /OzyAndMillie and /Girly all at once; more rarely still, MegaTokyo.

AlexChurchill reads Artifaxis regularly. There are a number of comics he reads on an occasional catch-up basis, including /DominicDeegan, MegaTokyo, /StrangeCandy, /Demonology101, /OzyAndMillie, /Girly, HitherbyDragons, and the excellent /TheSeraphInn. Others whose archives he's enjoyed reading through are PhoenixFeathers, /AbsurdNotions, /KidRadd, /IDrewThis, and /EightBitTheatre.

JW used to read more, but currently only checks http://www.tailsteak.tk for its random miscellany.

Requiem reads Artifaxis, /DominicDeegan, /ErrantStory, /SchlockMercenary, /Xkcd, /OzyAndMillie (and the author's other project, /IDrewThis) and /SomethingPositive regularly, and has been known occasionally to download and read entire archives of others in lieu of sleeping. And this is after cutting down.

StuartFraser reads:
/OrderOfTheStick, /IrregularWebcomic, /LegoStarGalactica?, /ErfWorld?, /TwoLumps, /ChibiEx?, and /Xkcd. Also Matt?, Alex? and HitherbyDragons, the first two of which kind of fail the "Web" criterion while the latter fails the "Comic" part.

Pallando reads on a daily basis: /GirlGenius, /BuckGodot, /Dilbert, /Doonesbury, /UserFriendly, /Freefall, /VenusAscending, /DominicDeegan, /GunnerkriggCourt, /Goblins  He reads /SchlockMercenary and /SluggyFreelance in larger chunks, for plot continuity.

ChrisHowlett reads to keep up to date with: AmbientRhythm, /OzyAndMillie, /DominicDeegan, /Freefall, MegaTokyo, /EightBitTheatre, /OrderOfTheStick, /Erfworld? and /YetAnotherFantasyGamerComic. He tends to remember to check /PartiallyClips? each week.

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